WWE Works to K.O. Breast Cancer

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning that brands and organizations are once again “going pink”.One organization that you might not have expected to adopt this color this month, is the male dominated World Wrestling Entertainment.  According to WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon , 1/3 of all WWE viewers are in fact women!  Every week 13 million people, 4.3 million women, tune in to watch the smack downs.

The campaign called, “Courage Conquer Cure,” is continuing throughout the month of October.  The WWE is donating 20 percent of their online retail sales and their live events revenue, primarily Monday Night Raw. WWE is utilizing all of its assets in raising awareness and money to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  They are promoting the campaign on WWE Network, social media, and also on E!’S Total Divas, a reality television series about ring girls for the WWE. The wrestler’s apparel and equipment, such as the ring rope, is pink to help raise awareness.

McLuhan’s (1964) Media Ecology theory explains how media and technology affect the way we communicate and understand the world around us. WWE takes advantage of this principle by utilizing the color pink and other symbols related to Breast Cancer Awareness through multiple technological outlets. They also take advantage of the fact that so many other organizations use this month to promote the cause by jumping on the bandwagon to gain more buzz.

Many brands are outspokenly supporting breast cancer awareness this month. They promote awareness of this disease and their brand itself. It is difficult for brands to tie together their image and philanthropic efforts successfully.  Do you think WWE’s efforts to try to integrate breast cancer awareness into their brand is an effective route for them to take?

-Margaret Cafasso, Kierstin Geary, Connor Gold, Olivia Sadler, and Hannah Zeskind