Embrace the Madness, with the Press of a Button

Tomorrowland has always been known for being the best of the best when it comes to the festival world. This event, which takes place in Belgium, just celebrated its tenth anniversary by going above and beyond expectations. While the Tomorrowland bracelets are a piece of artwork in themselves, this year they were more than a keepsake. Tomorrowland just created the perfect way to market the festival with the press of a button. Not only do they serve as a memento but the bracelets also give you the ability to connect with Facebook so that you can find and add friends that you make at the festival. When you meet someone at the festival that you want to keep in touch with, each of you can simultaneously press the heart shaped button on your bracelet and it will send you a “Friendship email” with all the contact information of the person you just met. Later you can log into Facebook and finalize the connection.

Festival tech has advanced in recent years to give attendees a better experience by using them to enter the festival, pay for food and beverages and now connect with social media. Now that attendees can connect with each other instantly, from all over the world, Tomorrowland can take their online presence to a whole new level and use their fans to create free Word of Mouth Marketing.

The company ID&T, based in Belgium, is responsible for a variety of festivals including Tomorrowland and now TomorrowWorld, in the United States. This is the first company to create such high tech bracelets and could be the beginning of an entirely new festival experience. As more people press the heart shaped button, all of their posts, photos and videos can be shared around the world and used by ID&T to promote themselves without lifting a finger. Word of Mouth Marketing gives the attendees control of the message. When the information is coming from a third party source, people tend to trust it more than coming from the company itself. While WOM marketing is not always the most reliable, social media has increased communication and results.

This year, the second TomorrowWorld will take place in Georgia and based on the success of the bracelets in Belgium, they will also be used this year in the US. People are already excited to use this new feature and it appears to be working based on the five million Facebook followers and the limited number of tickets left.

ID&T is paving the road for how festivals should operate by remembering to focus on the attendees experience while still using this new technology to their advantage.