The End Is Near…

It is hard to believe that come July I’ll be graduating from UNCW, It seems as though it were yesterday that I transferred into UNCW as a junior. Since I have been at UNCW I have made many friends and immersed myself in extracurricular activities. I believe that joining several different clubs and organizations was the best decision I ever made in college. In doing so I was able to make many friends and keep up with interests of mine such as jiu jitsu and cycling. Another great decision of mine while at UNCW was joining the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, also known as PIKE. In doing so I met many friends who I can also call brother. With one week of finals left in the school year, the spring semester is coming to a close. On May 19th I will be starting an internship at an advertising firm off of Wrightsville Ave called Maximum Advertising and Design. I am hoping to take what I have learned there and find a job in Wilmington, Washington D.C., or Los Angeles working on the creative side of advertisement. Most likely I will be working in sales right out of college while also pursuing my creative interests. My dream is to be a writer/ producer for a television show, which is why I want to eventually head out west. It truly is surreal to think that college is almost over and that I will soon be striking out on my own. While this is a daunting thought I am more excited now then I have been in my entire life. No matter how it happens I know in my gut that things will work out. It may be a while before I achieve my dreams but I believe in myself and truly believe that if you put your mind to it anything is possible.



Austin Johnson

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