Time to Soar

For those of you students who really struggled deciding what to major in, then you will definitely relate to this blog. After five years and three colleges, the transferring and the decision-making is over and the day that I can receive my degree is finally nearing. College has been a complete rollercoaster ride for me and parts of it I wish I could do over, but one decision I know that was the right one was choosing to major in Communication Studies.

I started out attending a community college in Greensboro, North Carolina and planned to study nursing there. Due to family instances I had to move to Greenville, NC to live with my sister and attended the community college there. At this point, I realized that nursing was not for me and  I just wanted to transfer to a University. UNCW had always been my top choice of universities to attend since graduating in 2009. After 2 years of attending community college, I applied and was accepted into my dream college (best day ever).

Not knowing much about what Communication Studies entailed, I transferred in as pre-Com Studies major in hopes to have finally found my niche in college, and I did exactly that but not right away. I will never forget the first day sitting in COM 105 with Dr. Weber. His passion, and tears, for this major was very moving and motivational. I knew then that this department consisted of professors who really loved what they were doing, their students, and making positive changes in the world through communication.

Not only has been deciding what I wanted to major in and transferring been a hectic variable of college, but also the fact that I work, a lot. Every job I have worked in during college has been 45 + hours a week which left me with very little time to get involved and do extracurricular activities within the university. At the end of last summer and the beginning of my last year, I quit my job and decided to take full advantage of my last year in college. I am broke and barely getting by but it’s worth it because I know that it will pay off in the long run and I am NOT waiting tables for the rest of my life!

My senior year was very different from most of my peers. I just got out of COM 200 last semester so this past semester has really just been me getting a feel of what I want to do when I graduate. I have predominately taken Advertising and PR classes with Dr. Persuit and Chin and have learned so much from both professors about the “real world”. Advertising II has been the most beneficial class that I have taken in my college career. Dr. Persuit allows her students to fully take on clients as we will in the future and I have gained so much as an individual working in group settings. I highly recommend taking this class for self-growth and independent work.

All in all, I am so thankful for the opportunity to have attended UNCW and to earn a Bachelor’s degree. Many people are not as blessed with the chance to earn an education. So for that, if you are a student working endless hours a week to pay for your education or if your parents are able to provide, stay grateful and embrace every opportunity college has to offer. No one can take your education away, it truly is a gift of self-worth and self-gain.

Peace out Seahawks,

Bri McWhirter