Creativity: The force behind a successful agency.

Just Do It. This world-renowned slogan was conceived by Dan Wieden in 1988 at a creative meeting with the athletic company “Nike”, and served as a pivotal breakthrough for Wieden’s career. In the twenty years since its conception, Wieden has become the co-owner of Wieden+Kennedy, one of the largest independently owned Advertising agencies in the world. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Wieden+Kennedy (W+K) is consistently recognized throughout the marketing world for its creative and memorable ad campaigns, which include those for “Old Spice”, “Microsoft”, “Coca-Cola”, and of course, “Nike”. W+K has gained awards and recognition from publications such as AdWeek, AdAge, and Creativity for being the most prominent and influential agency in the industry.

If you are interested in working on a creative team for Advertising or Marketing, W+K might be the place to live out your dream job.

just do it ad


W+K prides itself on their creativity and the unconventional methods that alternative agencies lack. Not only is W+K well-known throughout the industry for conducting noteworthy campaigns, they are also known for the unique offices that serve as the home front for this creativity. The W+K offices have an unconventional style of interior design that makes it a great space for the young and creative employees to well . . . create! This quote from Weiden himself is representative of just how significant creativity is to W+K:

Our most valuable assets as individuals and agencies and society is our ability to lead a creative life and a life that can not only adapt to change but that can influence change.”

wieden office

The IFC series, Portlandia, satirizes the hip atmosphere of W+K in one of their episodes. For a light-hearted take on the company’s image, check out the clip below!


These offices have housed some of the most recognized campaigns seen today. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” was developed by W+K in 2010 as a campaign for Old Spice, a Male grooming company whose target audience is clearly men. The campaign, which houses the tagline “Smell like a Man, Man” was an immense viral success and has gained exposure on YouTube from over forty million people. The Ad received an Emmy award for Outstanding Commercial in 2010 and won the prestigious Grand Prix at the Cannes Lion International Advertising festival.



The employees at W+K do not limit their creativity to their Advertising campaigns: In recurrent blogs on the W+K website, each employee expresses ideas and advice for their readership. These blogs offer updates, insights, and “behind the scenes” glimpses into what exactly the creative process entails at W+K. This approach generates a more personal relationship between the consumers and the agency, as opposed to larger agencies that place more emphasis on monetary gain and less on the interconnection with their viewers. By giving the consumer an inside look to the company and its creative process, W+K has gained a loyal following of Advertising enthusiasts who seek inspiration from their successful campaigns. To learn from the experts themselves, click here.



W+K is an ideal employer for creative thinkers who seek a collaborative, open-minded work environment that yields positive relationships with both clients and consumers. As Portlandia jokingly suggests, the culture of W+K is for those who consistently convey an excitement for new and innovative ideas. In light of his success, Dan Wieden has advised all creative teams in the industry to not be afraid to fail. What do you all think? Is W+K the right place for you? Is this Advertising agency to eccentric and unconventional? Enlighten us with your thoughts!

-Jami Rogers