The Tassle’s Worth the Hassle

As of late, I have been so consumed with final papers, projects, preparing for final exams and getting everything in order to graduate that I pretty much haven’t had any time to breathe. These assignments combined with forethoughts of graduation and what will become of my life in the days, months and years following graduation have been drastically weighing down on me, and quite honestly stressing me out. These past few weeks I have been keeping a running countdown until graduation day. I am currently 8 days and 12 hours away from putting my time as an undergrad in the rearview mirror. I am constantly reminding myself that this is my final semester and to “finish up strong”. This has proven to be my motivation over the duration of the semester. Perhaps this briefly illustrates how anxious I am to make the next-step transitions in my life or how ready I am to be done with school forever.

Nonetheless, in my time spent cursing assignments and longing to graduate this semester I neglected to appreciate what the University of North Carolina Wilmington has done for me. It wasn’t until earlier this week that I had the time to clear and categorize all of my thoughts and emotions. It was in this instance that I had the opportunity to reflect and reminisce on my past four and a half years here at UNCW. After navigating through such significant memories I immediately kicked myself for being so quick to want to forget about them all. In my time here, I have established numerous relationships, friendships and have truly learned a great deal of information…and also forgot a lot. Whoops.


After bouncing around a few different majors my Freshman and Sophomore years I found the perfect fit when my advisor recommended that The Department of Communication Studies may be an appropriate pathway for me. I was hooked from the first day of COM 105 when Dr. Weber announced that a “Communication Studies major is fit/qualified for nearly any profession he/she desires”. This notion reassured me that a field in marketing wasn’t entirely out of the question seeing how I initially did not meet the GPA requirements for the Cameron School of Business.

I am grateful for all of the COM faculty here at UNCW. They have helped make my college experience informative and memorable while keeping things fun. Dr. Olsen’s COM 200 course taught me quantitative research methods which are essential skills to master as a marketing specialist and an effective communicator. Dr. Persuit’s Integrated Marketing Communication courses not only increased my awareness of the prevalence of brands in the world around us but also ensured me that a field in marketing is appropriate for me. The decision to take COM 400 (the Capstone Course) with professor Trimble, proved to be the most beneficial in helping me prepare for my professional track after college. Professor Trimble helped me get out of my comfort zone when it came to interviewing and in regards to the job application process. With these professors, and all other professors efforts I consider myself a truly well-rounded communication specialist. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!

The communication studies department not only provided me with a “home away from home” in Wilmington but also furnished me with the knowledge that will allow me to excel in any of my next step endeavors. For that I am extremely grateful and excited to spread my wings, take flight and soar like a seahawk!

-Parker Farfour