I Guess I’ll Try Out This Thing Called Life

Well, that’s it my friends.  Yesterday I took my last exam, donned my best Don Draper power suit, and saluted my undergraduate experience with one last presentation.  The feeling of finality didn’t really have a chance to set in because the exhaustion was fighting for most of my attention, but today has been a different story.  Four years ago I came to the Dub looking to break out of my small-town Georgia bubble and become the next big thing in the movie-making world.  It took me one introductory course in film studies to realize it wasn’t the thing for me, but what freshman actually knows what they want to do anyway?!

So I spent my first year meeting new people from all over the world (here’s my shout-out to my I-House family), taking spontaneous road trips, and experiencing the best that my new home by the beach had to offer. If we’re being honest, I was thankful for a little time to just exist before I nailed down my major and had to think about growing up.


I had no idea what COM Studies was, but thanks to one Jessica Ferrer, I stumbled upon the major and here we are.  I will always remember my freshman year when my good friend (and the best I-house DR) told me he could see me making impressive, impactful commercials.  Actually, I did forget it for a while, until a couple of years later when I found myself taking marketing and advertising classes within the COM department, and realized I’d finally found my niche in the world of creative advertising.  Thanks for that one, Rob!

The courses I took over my last two years (many of which were taught by Dr.Persuit) challenged me more than any I’d encountered so far, and showed me how much I really had to offer.  I knew I’d never be happy in any career that didn’t allow me to apply my creativity every day, and my department has taken me down a path of finally discovering what career I’m passionate about.  Now I’ve started to build a portfolio and I’m sending out resumes, and suddenly the real world is upon me.


I wouldn’t be where I am now if it weren’t for my experiences at this school.  The people I met as an Orientation Leader and Resident Assistant, the friendships I developed in my classes, and all of the unplanned adventures helped me to grow and prepared me for all the changes yet to come.  As I start to pack my things and (hopefully) nail down a new job and new apartment in a new city in the next few weeks, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this place and all the amazing people and memories I get to take with me.


So, final remarks in my final blog? Persuit’s students of the future… take good care of this blog, you have big shoes to fill if I do say so myself!

Farewell and Happy Graduation class of 2013!

Ally Walton