Looking Back on an Amazing Ride

I can’t believe that it’s been four years. It’s been four crazy, unforgettable, and amazing years since I stepped onto this campus as a bushy-eyed freshman, ready to take on anything that the world threw at me. Like most other freshmen, I believed I had all of life’s questions answered and felt like I didn’t need any more guidance from people around me (especially professors.) What an idiot I was.
I have learned so much since I entered into UNC-Wilmington. I started out as a business major but switched over to Communication Studies in the middle of sophomore year. I chose this major because I had taken a few COM classes in my freshman year and I really liked what I was learning. However I knew that I was in the right major as soon as I went to my first COM 105 class with Dr. Weber. In the first day of class Weber spoke about this major with so much passion that it inspired me. Seeing a man like Weber speaking so intensely about this department, motivated me to go deeper into Communication Studies and see what was intriguing about the discipline. It was definitely the right choice for me as I have always been able to communicate easily with others, especially in a professional setting. Not only does this major offer a variety of important classes that teach students valuable lessons, but it also offers great opportunities. The friends that I have made in my classes as well as all the information I was able to retain, have truly made college a genuine experience. Whether it be late night journeys to Cookout or a research group pulling an all-nighter, I wouldn’t change a thing about my time spent here in UNCW. Upon graduation this May I hope to get a career in the Public Relations field, the same subject that I completed an internship in this spring.uncw
To conclude, I am glad to have had the opportunity to call Wilmington my home for the past four years. This place, and all the people I have met here, will forever hold a special place in my heart. My experience as a Communication major at the University of North Carolina Wilmington helped me to mature and grow. Not only did this university teach me how to be a professional, but it also taught me to be a man.

-Michael Nunes