Summertime and the Advertising is Easy

Spring is in full bloom! Finally the days of heavy coats and freezing rain are over. The weather has finally warmed up and summer is clearly on the horizon. Despite these changes in weather, have you noticed any other changes? What about advertising? It is no secret how brands transform their advertising campaigns depending on the season. But how can they become even more advanced in this approach? The answer is location-based mobile advertisements.

According to, more and more companies are using location-based mobile ads to target consumers in real time based on the weather. In fact, Twitter and The Weather Chanel have agreed to a partnership for a weather-based ad-targeting product, which use promotional tweets based on current weather. For example, Taco Bell is using this new ad app to run mobile ads through May only when the temperature exceeds 48 degrees. This way, Taco Bell only has to pay for mobile advertisements when the weather matches their summer campaigns, calling for consumers to buy some food and head outside.


Other brands, such as Ace Hardware have seen great success using this weather-based advertising technique. This is an extremely smart tactic, using mobile advertising, because they can catch their consumers in real-time through a medium that will always be with them. As you have read earlier this week, we are in an age of digital technology, and almost everyone has a smart phone these days. Consumers will see these ads whenever they use an application on their phone, and the advertisements are even more specially targeted to their audience by focusing on location.

Mobile advertising is a technique that is taking advantage of our fast, intuitive minds. As Daniel Kahneman suggests in Thinking Fast and Slow, the human mind has two systems at work.  System 1 uses fast thinking and makes spur of the moment decisions. When a consumer has a very targeted advertisement show up on their phone, it may spark a quick decision. Think of this: weather is warm, you’re hungry, and bam!…Taco Bell pops up on your phone showing a variety of tasty, summery foods to satisfy your appetite and quench your summer-mood. Next thing you know, you are in the drive through of Taco Bell with your windows down. These advertisements appeal to the impulsive nature of system 1.

Paul Gelb, head of strategy for the “MoPub’s” mobile ad network, says it best: “We are just beginning to see the potential of these opportunities because we are now able to reach people in ways that we couldn’t before.” The behavioral insights that location data gives advertisers allows them to successfully deliver mobile audiences based on actual consumer activity. In fact, being able to directly target mobile devices of possible customers, while they are on-the-go, represents the future of mobile marketing. It is safe to say, that the advertising world is at a tipping point in consumer usage of the mobile medium.

Julia Tompkins & Sasha De Vecchi