The Galaxy S4

What could be better than Siri you ask? Apple better watch out because they may have recently developed a new top competitor. Samsung’s newest phone the Galaxy S4 is soon to be released at the end of April 2013. The Galaxy S4’s, or GS4, dimensions and weight are slightly larger than the iPhone5, but so is the screen size for those who like to see a bigger picture.


The GS4 processing speed is 1 .9GHz with the Android 4.2.2 operating system, which is considerably faster, than iPhone5’s processing speed of 1 GHz on the iOS operating system. To see a table of more comparisons, click this link. When it comes to the camera, GS4’s Super AMOLED panel at 441 pixels per inch is significantly denser than iPhone5’s 326 pixels per inch. The GS4 camera also has crazy new features such as the recording of front and back cameras at the same time.

So what new technological features does the Galaxy S4 have that could really disperse the iPhone fanatics? When choosing between the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone5 the design, display, apps, and processing system are all based on individual preference, but the Galaxy S4 interface is just on a completely new level. PC states, “Android features a much more customizable interface for advanced users, which lets you configure your phone exactly how you want it.” The interface has a feature called Air Gestures, which includes motion sensors of hand movements to control the display with out even touching the screen. They have Smart Stay, which tracks your eyes to tell if you are looking at the screen. If you are watching a video, Smart Pause will automatically pause the video for you when you look away. Smart Scroll will check when you are reading a scroll up and down when you tilt the device.

image    image

This April we will all be able to see for ourselves if the iPhone has a real competitor; and if Samsung’s new features using hand and eye sensors are handy to use on a day-to-day basis or just plain creepy!

-Kelsey Raskob

20 thoughts on “The Galaxy S4

  1. Reading this blog, it made me think of why iPhone’s continue to be the popular choice in phones when there seem to be so many comparable, or better, models. Then I thought back to a video that I saw that explained the reasoning behind how Apple can be so successful. The speaker presented the selling techniques of what, how, and why and put it into a connected circle. Most companies work from the outside in: what they’re selling, how they’re selling it, and why. However, Apple does the opposite and they sell from why you should by their product and that message is so inspiring that the what they’re selling isn’t as big of a deal.
    If you are selling this decent product but have an amazing story of WHY they should buy, they probably will give in and do it. Apple has created this amazing brand that I wonder even if the Galaxy S4 is better, will it be able to compete? Then I think of all the phone trends, the Razor, then the Palm Pilot, Blackberry, and now the iPhone and whether it’s time for a new trend to start. I believe though that iPhone will still be the reigning champ since they just seem to have their selling point and their why figured out.

  2. I would consider myself a person that falls into the category of an IPhone fanatic, although I am very weary when it comes to the new smart phones that are coming out. I currently own the IPhone 4 and have had it for 3 years without any problems, I love it enough to not switch to a phone that sounds as enticing as the Galaxy 3 or the up and coming Galaxy 4. The reason for this is that I feel the Galaxy has too many opportunities for glitches. In the snapshots you have provided demonstrating Air Gestures it seems quite amazing on first glance. Unfortunately though it leaves a lot of opportunity for the software to not work right and misunderstand you, which could become a larger pain than a benefit. I agree, we shall find out if this large step that the creators of the Galaxy 4 have taken will turn out to be worth it, or if the IPhone will triumph once again.

  3. Although the Galaxy S4 does seem like it will have a lot of great features that could surely surpass the Apple IPhone, I feel like Samsung will need to promote their brand a lot more if they want to even try to keep up with Apple. Apple has created such a strong and powerful brand for themselves, making the apple symbol iconic. Apple’s brand is one that is trustworthy, sleek, stylish, fast, and new. People instantly want to try to purchase any Apple product they can. This is quite possibly more due to word of mouth marketing than advertisements. You always here people talking about how awesome their IPhone or other Apple product is. You rarely hear someone talking about their cool new Samsung phone. Therefore, although the new Galaxy S4 looks and sounds great, I think people will still stick to the Apple IPhone unless Samsung can reinforce their brand.

  4. Apple is the world’s most valuable company. Apple it sold over 35.1 million iPhones in, get this, the first THREE months of 2012. The obsession with this product is directly related to the loyalty of the company. Apple will always remain a strong example of the overwhelming power of the brand. However, when it comes to product it seems that the Galaxy S4 could very much be a stronger product than the iPhone. The Galaxy S4 not only has a better resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels vs Apple’s 1136 x 640 pixels) and larger display, it has features that will force Apple to create another iPhone model. What I am not sure is if Samsung’s phone brand will be comparable to Apple’s iPhone brand. However, I am sure that it’ll be interesting to find out in the future.


  5. Wow, I never thought i’d see the day that there would be a competitor even more fantastic than the Iphone. According to all of the extra benefits and technology perks that this new galaxy is coming out with, this may do away with the Ipod craze. I can imagine the anxiety that at&t will be dealing with after April. I am a Carolina West customer so you can imagine the excitement that this news brings me, as well. Technology is really taking another step on this one. Soon enough these little phones will be our personal robots at the rate that it’s going. What a scary thought!

  6. Honestly I won’t believe it till I see it! Being part of the Apple world it’s hard to see the galaxy surpassing the iPhone just because of Apple having a more powerful, well known and reliable brand. Although this galaxy phone has great new features the only way I could see samsung surpassing the apple brand is to better their own brand along with their products. Personally I think people will stick with the apple brand just because of the reliablity and the software. Each apple device can connect with each other unlike samsung. For example an iPhone can connect with your iPad or MacBook. Samsung should rethink promoting their brand in order to have any chance of surpassing Apple.

  7. Companies such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola have been making comparable, if not superior models for several years now. However, they are not aggressive enough with their advertisement campaigns. I am strongly convinced that these companies would experience substantial increases in sales, if they spent their resources on bringing one thing to the attention of the every-day consumer; “you are getting a better phone with more, for less.”

  8. I have never owned an Iphone, but I have owned three different Samsung phones. Overall I have been really pleased with them and wish I had them back instead of the Blackberry I currently own. So, I’m excited that the brand I have been most connected to is the one challenging the Iphone. Although it seems like Samsung has some cool features that will require Apple to incorporate into their own products, I do think that Apple has created a better overall brand. Apple is in control of the smart phones and it’s going to be interesting to see just how much success this Galaxy S4 has.

  9. While I am an apple user through and through, I would consider looking at the new galaxy phone for one reason and one reason only: the photography possibilities. As a photographer, I am constantly looking for new apps to make “iphoneography” more fun and unique. With the feature of using both cameras at the same time, some photography firsts are available for discovery! However, I honestly find the smart features on this phone rather creepy. Waving my hand to change placement on the home screen? Scanning my eyes to see if I’m looking at the screen? Watch out world, this might be the start of a government takeover through our phones. Dramatic, I know, but still possible. Overall, It is a good comparison of different mobile options!

  10. As cool as it may be, I don’t see the Galaxy S4 surpassing the iPhone. Apple has done a fantastic job of creating a strong brand community around the iPhone. I often feel like the odd man out in my COM classes… it seems like everyone has an iPhone but me!

    Samsung is, however, doing a good job at establishing a brand with the Galaxy line. I’d say it’s the one of the most successful Android brands so far, maybe surpassed by Motorola’s pioneering Droid line. Android phones are interesting in the case that they encompass layers of branding in one device. For example, I have an HTC One X, part of HTC’s “One” line of phones, running Google’s Android OS on AT&T’s network. That’s a lot of brands in one device! Maybe that’s part of why Apple is so successful with the iPhone. It’s Apple’s iPhone, running iOS, on whatever carrier you have. Maybe homogeneity trumps whatever groundbreaking features are in Samsung’s product, and that’s why people continue to flock to the iPhone.

  11. This is interesting to read from the perspective of an Apple fanatic! I’ve had every iPhone since they first came out. I have always argued that they were the best phone on the market, but since Apple hasn’t made any earth-shattering changes lately on their products, it’s nice to see some exciting new features from another brand. As the person above me mentioned, though, Apple does have a lot of features that will be hard to surpass, such as iCloud. I don’t know if any phone will be more successful than the iPhone, but this will definitely be an interesting competitor.

  12. That’s totally crazy! Eye sensors that pause a video when you look away! Still, I don’t know with this one. Samsung has been trying to outdo apple for years now, yes, but I’m not really sure if its the product that they have to compete with anyway. Most people I know have an iPhone simply because everyone else they know has an iPhone as well. If you have a question about your iPhone, chances are there is someone sitting no more than five feet away from you with the same phone who can maybe answer your question. Samsung users probably don’t get to share in such luxuries the same way.
    Also, with all of these crazy advancements and all of these improvements to the GS4, is Samsung maybe overreaching just a bit. I know that there are plenty of technological handicapped people out there, such as myself, that feel a little intimidated by having to take responsibility for such advanced technology. I feel like there’s so much going on with that phone that if I dropped it it would sprout little legs, jump back into my hand, and say “it’s okay, I sensed that you didn’t really want to drop me.” Personally, I feel a bit dehumanized when my phone tries to act like it knows what i want better than I do.

  13. I’m very much torn between being annoyed and impressed-eye tracking? Personally, I find that a bit excessive. Maybe necessary for some people (like a pilot, but why would they need to be on the phone?) but mostly excessive, and all in an attempt to surpass Apple. The Galaxy phone may be amazing, better than any iPhone, but will the general public know? Brand loyalty to Apple is more than loyalty, it’s near obsessive devotion. Apple practically has a cult following! Simply due to this fact, I don’t see the Galaxy getting the proper attention it may deserve.

  14. I wouldn’t call my self an “iphone fanatic” but ever since I bought my first iphone around 2 years ago i’ve always said I would never go back. I have had basically every phone you can think of. Nokia, Flip phone, blackberry, about 3 different androids, and then an iphone. Everytime of of my other phones would be eligible for an upgrade each time i would get a new kind of phone because i would never really want the same one. Until i got the iphone, when my upgrade came a few months ago, i knew without question i would be getting an iphone again. Saying this, after reading this i’m not sure i would have made the same decision. I didn’t do my research and actually look into the different brands. I went with what the polis was telling me was the best and newest choice without really looking into my decision for myself to make sure that it was the correct one for me.

  15. I am a sales associate at a cellular company, so I found this article very interesting and informational. I believe the s4 will pose a threat to the iPhone 5, but there is something that Apple has that Samsung has yet to accomplish. That is brand loyalty. Most people will iPhones cherish them and even consider themselves “iPhone Fanatics”. If Samsung could accomplish this, they would be much more competitive against the almighty Apple iPhone.

  16. I consider myself an iPhone girl through and through. I went through the whole Blackberry phase, but once I switched to Apple and got my first iPhone it was game over. It’s so simple to use and hardly ever has any glitches. I hear about the new HTC phones or Galaxy, and sure, they sound cool, but it isn’t worth it to me to give up something I already love so much. One of the great things about Apple is they have a very strong customer based brand loyalty. People who own Apple products love them so much they will stick with the products no matter what. I don’t really think Samsung has that sort of platform with their customers. There is no chance that the Galaxy will surpass the iPhone simply due to brand loyalty. It won’t happen.

  17. This is incredible! I have an Android and like the layout, but seem to still yearn for an iPhone. After learning about the S4, I may have to reconsider my options. I am curious to see if Apple steps up the next iPhone to compete with the newest Android model. One benefit of the Apple product is the simplicity of how things work. For our generation, the S4 could be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I can imagine that all of the bells and whistles would not appeal at all to older consumers. Comparing the Smart Stay and Air Gestures features, the iPhone 5 seems like old news!

  18. I am inclined to agree with all of the comments above. Apple has done such a good job at creating brand loyalty that I think samsung has their work cut out for them. The phone looks very new and high tech but I have to say that the simple fact that it isn’t an apple product makes people skeptical. I myself have numerous apple products including the iPhone and the Macbook pro. I have worked with apple on numerous occasions and have always had good results which makes me loyal to apple. It would take some serious work on Samsung’s part to get apples loyal costumers to consider even taking a look at their new product.

  19. I was excited to see this blog about the Galaxy 4s! Recently I traveled to Europe for a couple weeks and I was forced to order an international phone for the time while I was there. Apparently my IPhone 4 is not international and I could not use it abroad. When the Verizon guy told me they were out of IPhones and they had to send me a Galaxy 3 I have to admit that I was at first disappointed. I have always been a fan of my Iphone and did not think I would like any other phone. However, the Galaxy 3 surprised me. I found myself liking the way the Galaxy 3 worked better than my Iphone 4. The screen was bigger for pictures and the pictures seemed more clearer. I liked the way the phone vibrated a little whenever my finger touched the screen. I felt more in contact with the Galaxy 3 than I did with my Iphone 4. Sometimes my Iphone does not pick up my finger and this always frustrates me. I can’t wait to see the Galaxy 4s!!!

  20. I really enjoyed this comparison. I have been a critic of Apple’s marketing strategies for a while now. Although they continue to have success with each new product they release, I can’t help but notice that they fail to offer a great deal of variety with each new model. When you look at the iPhone 5, really the only difference between that and the iPhone4s is that it is slimmer with a bigger screen. All iPhone’s operate on the same iOS system which is what really sets Apple apart from other phones. But now when you look at the Galaxy it offers faster speeds, a better camera, and tons of other new features that we have never seen before. That is where phones like the Galaxy have to succeed in order to set themselves apart from the iPhone, by bringing in new concepts and features that Apple fails to produce.

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