Social Media Advice

Kati – Start blogging because it gives you something to talk about, interact with other people who blog about similar things. Figure out what platforms you want to use and how you can build UNIQUE content that is relevant to what you want to do. I actually had a reporter contact me because I shared my blog on twitter. It was an awesome experience and it gave me additional exposure.

Matt – Figure out what your personal brand is, and focus on building that personal brand. If you are on Facebook in a personal way, be sure to have your privacy settings in place. Employers are smart. Everyone at the very least, if you are in college and you want to get a job, you HAVE to have a LinkedIn profile. I’ve had people head hunt me because of things I’ve done online.

Brenzy – If you don’t have an online profile, that’s weird. I want to see something. Have a picture on your LinkedIn, have a resume on there.

Jessie – Facebook has been a huge tool for my photography business. I think it is important to share a content that is engaging.

Leland – Everything you do and put out there, give it your all. There is no such thing as bad experience, ever at all.