Job Advice and Why COM Rocks!!

How to stay positive in the job search after graduation?

Leland – Take the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be, and it is never a straight line, so be flexible!

Brenzy – Take the experience you have the opportunity to. Learning what you don’t like is just as important as learning what you do want.

Matt – You don’t really know what your dream job is until you get out there. Things like your boss, and business culture are important.

Kati – Keep an open mind, always be looking. If you aren’t really liking something, figure out what direction you would rather be moving in. Don’t wait for the breaking point before you start looking for a new path.

Is there one communication skill that you can think of that will make you stand out to an employer?

Consensus – CONFIDENCE

Matt – Be prepared for any kind of interview.

Jessie – Be honest. Don’t say you have skills you don’t.

Is there one specific advantage that being a COM Major gave you?

Jessie – I think the versatility really sets you apart because it makes you a flexible employee.

Leland – It develops people skills, you have to know how to adapt to people and situations.

Kati – It provides such a broad foundation and you can dabble in a lot of different areas. Mediation was something that really came in handy, and I wasn’t sure it would be useful but it has proven very helpful even in the last six months. It’s such a risk to say I just want to do accounting for the rest of my life. COM gives you the opportunity to change careers if you want to.

Matt – I wouldn’t have gotten hired for my first job if I hadn’t taken the PR classes. Having those diverse classes sets you apart because you can do a little bit of everything.

Do you think employers would rather see a lot of experience or longevity with a company?

Leland – Longevity is definitely important because they want to see that you were loyal to a company before. It shows you can be committed to a job.

Kati – I think there is a balance because you don’t want it to seem like you can only do one thing.

Jessie – Because I have such a diverse array of experience, and positive references, I got the job I have now. Whether I was there for a month or a year, I had great references to call upon.

Matt – I don’t think longevity means anything.