Internships, Owning a Business, and Important Classes… oh my!

What were you doing when you started your internship in news ?

Leland – I would shadow, and learn the techniques of shooting video. I’m a one man band, I shoot, edit, write all of my own stuff. Just getting to be an observer really helped me out. Being a good intern is what lead to me hiring them. You work for free, but it pays you back later. I don’t think I would have a job without my internship.

What is the hardest thing about starting your own business? Advice?

Matt – For me, giving up the salary was hard but I had support. Makes sure you have enough income to cover your bills, and have a business plan in place. Networking is important, and by that I mean making contacts and maintain relationships.

Are there any classes you thought were useless but have proven to be beneficial?

Matt – Capstone! If you know how to interview well and you have your portfolio with you, you will be a strong candidate. I’m really grateful that I took that class.

Brenzy – Especially what I learned with resumes, I hire now and I don’t look at resumes

Leland – I would say research methods, I have to track people down and make them talk to me. Every now and then I have to crack open a book, and I’m glad I have that background. The things I learned in that classroom I use everyday. Broadcast Journalism and TV Aesthetics was extremely helpful. What really brings a story to life are the pictures you associate with it. There’s a format to it, and not knowing that will hurt you.

Kati – Being in social media, I think it really important how to find someone online. Your online contacts can lead to interviews. Every interview is good practice. Never turn down an interview. When Jennifer Chin is being nitty gritty and dissecting your grammar, PAY ATTENTION TO IT! I find myself doing it all the time. Solidify your writing skills. As much as most COM Studies Majors dislike it, math is important! So is excel!

Jessie – As much as I hated Research Methods, it came in handy when I was applying to my grant in Europe. I also took a class that gave me an intro to the adobe suite and that has really proven useful.

All of you taking COM 200 right now, it is important stuff!!