Happy COM Studies Day!

Panel one has officially kicked off! The panelists are: Sarah Briney, Ashlyn Burke, Ashlie Lanning, Ryan Koresko, and Eric Sneeden.  A huge thank you to the panelists for coming back to share their knowledge!

So far Ms. Chin and Dr. Weber have gotten the first shout outs! Ashlyn Burke reminded us of Dr. Weber’s warning that most COM majors don’t have jobs that work 9 to 5 shifts. Sarah Briney credited Ms. Chin for the helpful knowledge she gained in Public Relations to Ms. Chin’s classes.

Were any of you totally sure of what you wanted to do?

Ashlyn Burke: I expect my career not to be boring, but I’m still not sure I want to do.

Sarah Briney: I never thought I would be working in market research. Went back to school for teaching and realized that wasn’t for me either.

Ryan Koresko: I’m still doing a similar job to what I thought I would, I think you just have to be focused but have some breathing room so that if something else comes you could go in that direction to.

How has social media changed your career?

Ashlie Lanning: Well it is my career. It means I’m always on. There’s definitely a shift towards “Real Time Marketing.”

Ashlyn Burke: Make sure that there’s nothing on social media that can harm your career. I can not tell you the impact it has.

Ryan Koresko: It’s just not acceptable to wait anymore, from a news perspective. You have to get the information out as it is happening.