Afternoon Panel Underway!

The Dress for Success Fashion Show was a success! Pictures to come a little later on, so stay tuned… but right now we are heading into our afternoon panel. Panelists are: Jessie Baker, Brezny Qualls, Leland Pinder, Kati Heffield, and Matt Vaughan.

Jessie’s Opening Advice: After graduation, just go for it! She dropped everything and moved across the globe. She’s worked as a photographer, event planner, and now she is an admissions officer!

Kait’s Opening Advice: She got to drive a cow around for her first job after graduation, and then she decided to head back to school to get her Master’s degree in Marketing. Now she works in a small marketing firm called Eleven Mass Media as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

Leland’s Opening Advice: Leland works for News14 Carolina and he loves it!

Brenzy’s Opening Advice: It’s been two years and she is on her fourth job. Don’t worry if your first job out of college isn’t your dream job. Brenzy landed her dream job and then she realized how important the culture of a business is to her, so she kept looking! She found a culture she likes with The Select Group in Raleigh and she is the Internal Relationship Coordinator.

Matt’s Opening Advice: Matt had an internship with Star News which lead to him getting a job before he graduated! (Awesome!) He started moving up and then realized that he wasn’t going to make any money so he decided to flip and go for PR. He was able to work for one of the largest PR companies in Raleigh. ASK QUESTIONS and LEARN as much as you can! He then realized he wanted to work with small companies and started his own business. It’s been up for 2 and 1/2 years and it is the most rewarding thing he has done! Get into as many class as you can, know the right questions to ask, and have confidence!