Advice on Spanish, Technology, and the Transition to the Career Path

Is Spanish seeping into the market place?

Consensus: YES! It may be required for some positions soon!

What kind of technology and computer programs do you use in the workplace?

Excel, web design, coding.Do whatever you can with a computer, every job that you take you will think I never thought I would be doing this!

What was the transition like between graduating and getting on a career path?

Ryan: I was lucky because I had an internship. Your life after graduation begins before you graduate. Have a couple different plans, and hopefully one of them will work out.

Sarah: Maintaining the relationships you make at school will help, using any kind of network that you can.

Ryan: Use your opportunities to better yourself. Ask what you can do. Make sure your employer just knows that you’re a good employee.

Ashlyn: You’re going to have to do things you don’t want to do. You’re not going to start out making the money you want to make, I’m still not making the kind of money I want to make.

Ashlie: (The career path) sounds really glitzy and glamorous, but it’s not.

Eric: Take the upper level classes, that is where you get more meat and more substance. I use what I learned in Public Relations everyday, you never know what you will pick up!