For the Love of Advertisements

For those of you who don’t know what Valentine’s Day is (and have been living under a rock), it is an annual holiday established to celebrate relationships and love. It is a time when couples buy each other gifts, exchange them with one another (which is the most stressful part from a man’s point of view). Just what inanimate object is somebody to give their loved one as a symbol of their relationship? This decision can make or break the holiday and ultimately the relationship.

Due to the nature of the holiday, consumers are now being bombarded with visual and audible advertisements offering grand suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts. These commercials seem very similar in nature, as they are usually directed towards men. Most of these commercials hold men in the stereotypical light of being confused and flustered by the thought of buying a gift for their significant other. This notion can be clearly seen in a commercial created by the company “”

In this commercial the main character, a football coach, is “coaching” men on how to get their partner the perfect gift. The coach uses great inflection in his voice as he tries to motivate his “players” to make the right choice and go with his company’s business. The advertisement even goes so far as to show what not to get her (as the camera pans to a sloppy bouquet of dead flowers in between the coach’s motivational speech). He keeps explaining the benefits of this service as he draws up “the big play” on the chalkboard behind him, showing how it can help you “score.”

Another classic example of a company targeting a dominant male audience is through the chocolate company Russell Stover and their “Men Should Go With The Heart Shaped Box” campaign. This advertisement showcases testimonials from women who are just passing by on the street and exclusively features them praising the chocolate makers. The attractive women clearly explain that “it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without the heart-shaped box” and, of course, how much they love chocolate on this special day. They conclude the commercial with these women coming to a consensus that; “men should go with the heart-shaped box at Valentine’s Day.”
With all of these advertisements, there is obviously a great range of possible gifts to give a loved one. Just don’t be an idiot and not get her anything or you will be in the dog house….and that’s not an ideal place to be on the 14th.