“Who are you wearing?”

The 55th annual Grammy awards will be airing live on CBS this Sunday, and it is certainly safe to say that there is much buzz about the fashion. In fact, the Grammy awards are known for their crazy, over the top red carpet looks. Who could forget Jennifer Lopez’s cleavage bearing VersaceImage dress that she wore to the 2000 Grammy awards? Or Pink performing in a nude colored body suit at the 2010 Grammy awards? Well, it won’t be happening this year.

The CBS Standards and Practices Committee sent out an email asking attendees, including performers, to adhere to a stricter dress code policy this year. The email specifically stated that outfits exposing “bare fleshy” areas of the body would not be tolerated. On top of this, attendees have been asked to refrain from wearing clothing items that would display blatant product placement, obscene/foreign language, or advertising personal causes in the form of lapel pins.

So with the new dress code policy, not only have the attendees of the Grammys been affected but the designers as well. Designers receive a lot of advertising and publicity at awards shows by having celebrities wear their gowns and suits. With the very recent enforcement of this dress code, what will designers and those attending the show do to make sure they are adhering to these rules? Designers have been working for moImagenths and months to have their gowns/suits ready to be worn on the red carpet in hopes of getting their names out there, or even better, getting their gowns/suits on the best dressed list. It will certainly be interesting to see what will go down this Sunday night.

– Zach Abramo, Callie Fenlon, Lauren Habig,  Alexandra Huss, Michael NunesDaniel Schaefer, Dann Williams

One thought on ““Who are you wearing?”

  1. The Oscars, also known as The Academy Awards, are a set of awards given annually for excellence in cinematic achievements. The awards are given each year at a formal ceremony. I agree that the stars and celebrities that have attended The Oscars in the past have been known to wear some very out-there and distasteful dresses, clothing items, and outfits ceremony. I am very pleased the CBS Standards and and Practices Committee asked that this year, all attendees have to adhere to a more strict dress code. I think The Oscars are a very tasteful and formal event and the attendees should be in black tie attire.

    I do agree that this does make things much much harder for the designers. They do take months to create the perfect dress for their celebrities to wear to The Oscars. They want their dresses to be one of a kind and to say something about them as the designer, about their line of work, and about their design style and their fashion line. If the dress is not up to the new CBS standards then the designer is in a bind. They don’t have time to start all over. They have to figure out a way to fix the dress as is without changing it too much and changing it from representing who they are.

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