Final Thoughts as the Semester Comes to a Close

People say the older that you get, the quicker time flies. I, for one, have to agree. Today marks the last week of the semester, which means this is my very last time writing a blog post. The end of the fall semester is a very bittersweet time for most of us students; finishing school with the holidays approaching is exciting, but finishing up final projects and studying for final exams is definitely stressful. This semester flew by and I literally feel as if I was just begging Dr. Persuit to let me into her Integrated Marketing Communication 2 class, when in reality, that was nearly five months ago in August. Where does the time go? And how is it possibly December already?

time flies

After taking Dr. Persuit’s introductory IMC class, I knew I definitely wanted to take her again. It was much to my dismay when the class quickly filled up and it looked as though I would not get in. However, after e-mailing her several times, she told everyone who did not register to just come to the first day of class and she would override it for us. I was so relieved! Although, at the same time, I was also kind of scared. Dr. Persuit had warned us several times that this class is no joke and if we are not serious about it, we should drop it. She, however, did not scare me off and I’m truthfully glad for that fact.

IMC 2 is unlike any other class that I have ever taken because it truly feels less like a class, and more like an internship. Every class I have ever taken before has consisted mainly of lectures, exams, and the occasional group work. IMC 2, however, is the first class for me that nixed the lectures and exams, and focused mainly on group and client work. Although it has been intimidating and stressful at times, in the long run, I have learned so much. Being the control freak that I am, I like to have intense structure in my life so that I can make plans and execute goals. I am not one to change plans once I make them. While this class does have structure, it also has wild unpredictability when it comes to working with our specified clients. This was something that was very challenging for me, because I have never had to deal with sudden change in plans when it came to school or work. It sounds crazy for me to say, because in reality, there is so much change and unpredictability in the world. I’ve learned that in order to be successful, I need to let go of all prior expectations and adjust them accordingly.

I feel like I have truly gained real life experience and I am so appreciative of that. I love how different this class is set up and I love how Dr. Persuit is adamant about preparing us for life after we graduate UNCW. Although this semester is coming to an end and I am super excited for the holidays, I really will miss this class.

Thanks for making it so memorable Dr. Persuit!

Rachel Betterbid