Freakers the New Coozie?

Established in 2011 and proudly located in Wilmington, NC we introduce to you….the Freaker! It’s the new cool coozie that is the ultimate one size fits all. Starting in Wilmington, NC this company started from a local start-up business with a vision to command and conquer and now has become a global product that is creating a high demand. In just one year it has grown exponentially into a money-making machine. How did they do it? Well first and foremost it is a very handy product that is way more interesting than any coozie we’ve ever had and can fit on any drink possible keeping it insulated and your hand protected. Secondly they have a clear-cut brand personality that is all about being unique to yourself and having as much fun as possible and they love to show it. They also have a unique way of marketing the Freaker from a truck that they turned into a home and drove around the country having grilled cheese parties at various trade shows coupled with various marketing videos on their website that show off their brand. They have approximately 200 stores across the nation with global distributors in Canada and Japan. It also helps that all Freakers are made in the USA helping local businesses and having a monopoly on it doesn’t hurt either because they have a patent on the product as well.

If you watched the video the guy is Zach Crain the founder of Freakers, and as you can see he is a highly eccentric individual with a weird sense of humor. He is obviously very confident about his personality and has branded his product with it. The show “Shark Tank” allows business owners to pitch their ideas to billionaire entrepreneurs and get a large investment in return for a percentage of the business. Zach fails to grab any of the investors because they aren’t sure that he will be able to return on their investment. However, he was able to impress the potential investors with his impressive sales record of over 300,000 dollars in 13 months. So, one thing is clear: Zach Crain and Freaker USA have no where to go but up!

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7 thoughts on “Freakers the New Coozie?

  1. I have several different freakers and I swear by them! All of my friends get a new freaker for their birthday because they are funky in design, functional, and local! I fell in love with this brand when I realized that freakers were one size fits all while keeping my beverages insulated and my hands cozy. I also really like to support local brands that stay true to their brand personality. Need a freaker? Visit and find out what all the buzz is about 🙂

  2. This idea for coozies to be more unique is genius. The founders personality as a high energy, out going person speaks through the different weird and crazy coozie designs. I think I may have to get on board and buy one.

  3. I NEED a Freaker!! This is a great article talking about a local business with a lot of success. It is hard to find a company that has so much success this early in start up process. Its even more impressive because they are tapping into a product idea that has been done for years but they are successful because of the way they are revolutionizing the product. Another aspect I find impressive is that have been able to grow using non traditional promotions such as the house truck and grilled cheese parties. This really seems like a great product with a bright future run by a very unique individual.

  4. Freakers are AWESOME! I love the whole idea behind them, and I need one! I think they would be great stocking stuffers for the holiday season and I cant wait to see the freaker industry grow as the koozie industry has!

  5. I love this article! I actually bought an American Flag Freaker my freshman year here and it is one of my favorite things! Everyone always asks what it is and because it is so unique and different from anything else in it’s market, it gets so much free advertisement from it’s customers! I didn’t know the background on it before but that is so interesting- and I’m so proud to be able to say they were founded here!

  6. Definetly need to invest in some Freakers! I like how they are one-size fits all and how the designs are customizable. Every college student is familiar with coozies and the importance of keeping a drink cold. Great idea!

  7. I Freakin’ love Freakers!!! I have a plethora, my favorite is one titled “the dude”. They are one of my favorite gifts to give to my friends and family because they are unique, and they are a fairly new idea so I know my gift won’t be repeated. The fact that they are so versatile and can fit on just about anything from a huge wine bottle, to a rectangular Jagermeister bottle, to just a simple reusable water bottle, is spectacular to me. Zack Crain and his team have done an excellent job branding their product with their fun, quirky personalities. I follow them on Instagram and they have some pretty crazy pictures and doodles, but they always seem to be having fun, which is one of the main brand personalities of the Freaker.

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