Target Goes Local

As people all over the country start buying presents for the holidays, it becomes clear what consumers value most in the products that they buy. For some, it’s all about getting the best price, while others want to support small businesses and know where the products really come from. Target delivers the best of both worlds to their customers.

Target offers a variety of products at a great price for sophisticated design and style by the top designers in the country. Neiman Marcus is the next design company to join Target in their mission to offer affordable clothing at a price tag everyone loves for the holidays. And to support local businesses with their own flair, Target created “The Shops at Target” in May 2012, selling products designed by five small businesses from every corner of the country such as Polka Dog Bakery, Privet House, and The Candy Store. With a focus on the stories behind these small businesses, Target fostered consumer needs to buy unique, local products of these cities at the nearest Target. These businesses come from very different places with different stories to tell and share beyond their hometowns. The integration of these shops into Target stores makes it easy for buyers to find the latest video game for their sons and an inimitable gift for their eccentric aunt all in the same place!

This is why Target appeals to those consumers who value commodities that say something about who they are. Featuring the exclusive products offered by these entrepreneurs makes the consumer feel that they are buying something truly authentic, because they are produced directly from their stores.

Beyond providing convenience to customers, Target has given these small businesses a huge opportunity to grow. Take The Candy Store, for example. They have the chance to share a little piece of their brand with people all over the United States, even while their business continues to blossom in San Francisco, California. On The Candy Shop’s Facebook, they posted “Think big, shop small”, which seems to mimic Target’s brand, fashioning a symbiotic relationship. The owners, Diane and Brian Campbell, say their products are ones that “can’t be found anywhere else,” just as Target, offers products that stand out. Even more, the integration of “The Shops at Target” promotes an idea, and whenever a company can tailor an idea to their design, it becomes honorable and memorable.

All in all, Target attracts a wide variety of consumers by conveniently offering authentic brands that range from local businesses to luxury retail designers all in one store. With the incorporation of low prices and the pleasantly unexpected variety of small business products, Target definitely proves that they live by their slogan which is “expect more pay less”.

Rachel Betterbid, Nicole Betterbid, Lucy Rojo, Sierra Scellato, Shauna Seaver

6 thoughts on “Target Goes Local

  1. I am a big advocate of Target. I feel like truly do carry out their slogan “expect more pay less.” Target has many different marketing techniques that work for them and aid in helping them be a succesful company. I shop there because of the convience and low prices. Since when Im running errands I usually need things that more than just a grocery store or clothing store will provide I go to Target, knowing that it has a little big of everything. The new technique that you all have pointed out is new to me. I have been to Target and seen the big name brands they get to make products for them but never small places. I think this is a great marketing tool for them and also shows their compassion by wanting to help other small companies grow. Most people would not ever know these small name companies if Target did not put their products in the store. I believe this is a great idea and helps brand awareness and authenticity for not only target but also helps build the brand name of these small companies in hopes of growing their client base as well.

  2. I absolutely love Target. The reason I love them is because they offer excellent customer service. I was a past employee of Target and they treated me with great respect. They treat their employees and customers amazing. They never have long lines and include clothing that I could never afford at higher end stores. They are making a fortune off of their customers because they know exactly what designers to include in their stores. Target normally has prices that are decent for any buyer. They have high end clothing and jewelry, but also things that are cheaper for someone who can’t afford luxury. Target is all around an amazing store!

  3. I have always been a huge fan of Target because of their excellent products and great customer service. With their slogan of “expect more pay less,” you get just that. They sell high end products with an affordable price. With their new launch of top retail designers, this popular company has gained more recognition. Since they offer a huge variety of selection, Target is a typical favorite for many people. Overall, Target will only continue to rise with their successful business.

  4. I personally love Target, I shop there all the time. But yet I had no idea about any of this business with smaller businesses selling in Target. When I saw those brands like “The Candy Store” I thought it was just a Target thing, I didn’t know that is was another brand in Target. But supporting local business is becoming more and more important. I’m not sure that that really counts as shopping local though because the whole point of shopping local is to support local economy and cut transportation of goods and transportation costs, is it not? And that being defeated here.

  5. Target is a model of well maintained brand recognition. Much liked we studied in IMC I with Starbucks, Target elicits a certain “feel”. While it is a primary competitor with other big box retailers, especially Wal-Mart. The connotation surrounding the two stores are dramatically different. At Target I am never worried about cleanliness, quality, or experience. I’m not sure of many women who aren’t a fan of Target. One can go there specifically for clothes but find themselves leaving with house ware, the weeks groceries, and something for the man in her life. No one in Target ever seems unhappy to be there (how could you be its Target??!) not even their workers. Target customers become frequent buys because the company is able to constantly invigorate their campaigns as “fun”, “fashionable”, and “cheerful”.

  6. Target has always done a great job of separating itself from stores such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart. While I can get the same generic items at Target, I am always shocked at how different the atmosphere is in Target. They always stock odd items that you would not expect to find at a large chain store. This brings the feel of a smaller store to a very large store. They also do a good job of making the store feel local. If you’re at a Target in Wilmington, it feels like the local Wilmington atmosphere. Go to a Target in California, and it is designed to feel like you’re in California.

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