Thankful for Thanksgiving Brands

Thanksgiving means lots of different things to different people.  For some, it is a chance to celebrate all that we are thankful for, for others it is an opportunity to reflect upon our nation’s beginning. Most people use the occasion to reconnect with family and friends but there is one unifying factor that drives the anticipation for all: the food.

From the first Thanksgiving in 1612, dinner has been the highlight of the event.  While it’s not likely that our founders dined on what is now considered to be the “traditional” Thanksgiving feast, they were no doubt thankful for the bounty. Today, it is not only the food that drives the holiday, but the brands that continue to supply our Thanksgiving favorites through the years. Thanksgiving staples include: stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls and, of course, Turkey! And don’t forget to leave room for the Pumpkin pie.

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Most would agree that it’s just not Thanksgiving without a turkey, and Butterball has been providing the Thanksgiving bird since it was founded in 1940. Today, Butterball is the largest turkey producer in the U.S, providing 20 percent of the total turkey production in the country. Another brand essential to Thanksgiving dinner is Kraft. Kraft, which was founded in 1903, not only provides the Stove Top brand stuffing that complements the turkey so well, but Kraft also makes the French-fried onions that no green bean casserole would be complete without. Ocean Spray serves as the go-to brand for anything cranberry, including the cranberry sauce on your Thanksgiving table, and when you need something to soak up the extra gravy on the plate, chances are you’re reaching for a Crescent Roll – courtesy of Pillsbury. Finally, the Libby’s canned food brand has been around since 1869, and Thanksgiving chefs all over the country swear by their canned pumpkin in the perfect Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Just thinking about this tried and true combination of Thanksgiving brands is enough to make most people’s mouths water! So abandon your diets, put on your elastic-waisted pants and cut another slice of Turkey, Thanksgiving only comes once a year!

Happy Thanksgiving and Bon Appetite!

Lauren Habig, Ally Walton, Hannah Eure, Gene Lee, Erin Kiffmeyer

2 thoughts on “Thankful for Thanksgiving Brands

  1. Thanksgiving, to some, can be considered the most American holiday of the year because it is specific to our country. The food that we all rush so eagerly to our table for is proof enough as to how much we love to eat as a country. But if we take a second to look outside our turkey tunnel vision, what does Thanksgiving reflect to other countries? Perhaps why Americans are indeed one of the most overweight populations or does it simply show our love for family, friends and a good meal? I thought about this when I had two international visitors at my family’s Thanksgiving this year and from what I could tell, they too thought only about the food. But with brands bending over backwards to prove they are Thanksgiving worthy, I think it takes away from the real joy of Thanksgiving – real homemade cooking from scratch. There is not a single box brand dish at my Thanksgiving but rather the sweat, blood and tears of my family really coming together to cook and that alone, is why I love Thanksgiving.

  2. Well now that Thanksgivings over this was a little bit sad to read. I already miss all the food that I consumed! I travel to New Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with family. We are big believers in tradition which includes waking up early for the Macy’s parade and starting to cook. We make everything from scratch so I enjoyed seeing what brands are used by many families. Well everything except the Crescent Rolls and turkey, obviously!

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