White House Ballers

With the re-election of President Barack Obama there is one sport that is overwhelmingly happy that he is staying another four years, and that sport is basketball. It is obvious to all that President Obama loves basketball and is more than happy to use his influence to help spread the game. It is well-known that he likes to fill out the NCAA March Madness brackets that everyone goes crazy for and is surprisingly good at it. Like most major sports, the NBA  championship team gets to visit the White House and meet the President for a photo-op. Obama,of course,  isn’t complaining since he is a huge NBA fan and has been to several games during his Presidency. Never before has a President been so involved with one sport that he can call upon the biggest name athletes in the NBA to come help him out at different charities and fundraiser events at any point in time and they will come running. For example, in this election year, Michael “Air” Jordan hosted a 3 million dollar fundraiser for President Obama in New York and had NBA players like Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, Kyrie Irving, Joe Johnson, and Paul Pierce in attendance to play some hoops. With so many NBA superstars on his side he gets a good amount of publicity and respect from basketball fans all over the country. Obama is so integrated into the basketball world that the video game “NBA 2k13” has him show up as a character in the game to greet you at the White House when you win the championship in the game.

Obama in 2K

This is great publicity for the Commander-in-Chief, as basketball fans everywhere will see the President’s face every time they win the championship.  He may be the first President with the ability to advertise in a video game just because he loves the game of basketball so much. On election day he even plays his now-traditional “Election Day” basketball game with several big name NBA stars and a variety of White House aides. We think it’s safe to say that many basketball fans and basketball console gamers will be seeing more of President Obama the next four years.

Eugene Lee, Lauren HabigErin KiffmeyerHannah EureAlly Walton

2 thoughts on “White House Ballers

  1. One of the reasons I think college students shy away from politics is because we do not feel as if they relate enough to us. In my opinion, since I have been old enough to really analyze past presidents, President Obama has done the best job of really connecting with younger voters. This basketball post is the perfect example of how down to earth he is and to me, it shows how the highest figure in our political system is just like most Americans and loves a good game of basketball. President Obama may use this popularity for political reasons but I believe it extends beyond that realm and into the idea of American values which truly speak to his character.

  2. This was a very interesting to know. The President and I have something in common. I love basketball and him showing his interest and love for the game makes him to me seem like an everyday person. Obama showing this side shows voters that he is just like them. I wish I could be on his level and call an NBA player whenever I want. How cool would that be?

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