The Contribution of Celebrities in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

An advantage to the promotion of breast cancer-awareness for celebrities can be their ongoing fame and popularity. Their voices are being heard, and can get the point across to both women and men that this is an urgent issue and should be taken very seriously. Various celebrities have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are using their popularity, courage, and personal experience with the fight to serve as a source of inspiration to other women and men. It sounds strange to put men in this category; but yes, men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer.

An article titled “Celebrity Breast Cancer Fighters”, located on the website, releases that Cynthia Nixon, popularly referred to as “Miranda” from the show “Sex and the City”, was “diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram in 2006. She initially battled it without a public announcement of her diagnosis or treatment in fear of related stigma, but in 2008 she announced it to the world in an interview with Good Morning America.” Nixon portrayed much bravery and thoughtfulness throughout her interview as she explained with much understanding why some women fear yearly mammograms. Nixon addressed this fear and also offered positive, yet convincing advice to all who were listening.
Celebrity status has been a great way of reaching a wide-ranged audience, proving that numerous celebrities’ lives have been unavoidably interrupted by breast cancer that they are not alone in this fight. Professional athletes and teams are also jumping on the awareness support-train. The NFL, its club teams, and all of the professional players in the association are wearing pink with pride in order to support the fight against breast cancer. According to the official website, the NFL’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, is “focused on the importance of annual screenings, especially for women who are 40 and older. Throughout October, NFL games will feature players, coaches and referees wearing pink game apparel, on-field pink ribbon stencils, special game balls and pink coins – all to help raise awareness for this important campaign.” These organizations are aware that breast cancer can happen to anyone and having this kind of support could mean the world to those diagnosed.  An auction will later be held by the NFL with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society’s CHANGE program. All the pink apparel worn by the coaches and players will be auctioned off, along with special pink game footballs.

According to, breast cancer is the most prevalent non-skin cancer among women with 203,000 new cases diagnosed along with over 40,000 deaths in 2007 alone.  Using celebrities as spokespeople for the cause can be a great way to spread awareness and get more people involved.  Ultimately, this can get more money raised for research, treatment, and cures.  As previously stated, getting celebrities to speak out about breast cancer not only helps with current cases but helps in the detection process as well, for it promotes mammograms and routine check-ups.  It is great to see various celebrities and sports organizations come together to fight a cancer that is so detrimental to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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16 thoughts on “The Contribution of Celebrities in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

  1. As a teen girl who grew up seeing many women’s lives impacted by breast cancer, I love seeing the support and the spreading of awareness of such a horrible disease. I have personally done many activities that proceeds go towards breast cancer awareness, such as 5ks, walks, and wore different pink accessories while playing softball. I think it’s a great thing that celebrities who are battling or have battled, like Cynthia Nixon and Guiliana Rancic speak out about their battle with it because it will get more people out for their mammograms and more people out to help support breast cancer research!

  2. I love this blog! So many people are affected by breast cancer either personally or by a loved one. My Nana has fought and survived breast cancer twice now. It is so amazing to see celebrities and NFL teams stand up and raise awareness. When celebrities are willing to be open and public about their personal battles it gives hope and encouragement to everyone else. Even though they are still human I think we can all agree they are in a different light. With breast cancer affecting so many lives it is so important to keep shining the light on getting checked and cancer research!

  3. I really liked this blog. I feel that it is very important for men and women to see others battling breast cancer, letting everyone know that it is possible to overcome. I think it’s great that it was included that men can get breast cancer as well since it is widely perceived as a woman’s disease. I totally support the celebrities having to battle any kind of cancer in the public eye. My mother had breast cancer which suddenly turned into terminal cancer. It was so hard to see my mother go through what she did but it helped to know that there were many survivors out there. Without these celebrities letting the world know about there struggles and, most of all, there success stories, I believe it would’ve been so much harder to take in. My mom was diagnosed four years ago and given a prognosis about three years ago. Thankfully, she is still here and has successfully reached remission. 🙂

  4. I think it’s awesome for celebrities to help promote awareness of any form of illness, including breast cancer. I think it helps for people who are going through it to look and think that they are not the only ones having to go through it all. Breast cancer affects many people, maybe not personally, but through moms, aunts, sisters, friends mothers; it really helps to be aware of it. It also seems like within the past few years, celebrities are really promoting on getting the annual mammogram once you get to a certain age. Being aware is very important because it could help someone to catch it earlier on.

  5. I think this was such a great article to write, even if one wasn’t personally affected from any type of cancer they at least know someone who has been. Breast cancer is such a scary sickness for all that are affected, and being a male myself I frequently forget that I do am at risk for something that is typically portrayed as a women’s disease. Portraying cancer in the media is so great for it not only gets the word out more but it lets others that have been diagnosed that there’s a chance for recovery and not to give up. The NFL being so supportive literally could not be more great. I know every time I watch a football game and seeing them wear pink, I immediately think of breast cancer so what they’re doing is actually working. I love that as a nation we are all working so diligently together to help find a cure.

  6. I enjoyed reading this blog because I strongly believe it is so important for women who are diagnosed to feel like they are not alone. So many women are diagnosed and I love seeing actors, actresses, baseball and football teams step up and support this cause by wearing pink. Having cancer is one of the most difficult and devastating thing to happen to someone and I think they need to know that everyone has hope that they will win the fight against breast cancer.

  7. I enjoyed reading this blog because I strongly believe it is so important for women who are diagnosed to feel like they are not alone. So many women are diagnosed and I love seeing actors, actresses, baseball and football teams step up and support this cause by wearing pink. Having cancer is one of the most difficult and devastating thing to happen to someone and I think they need to know that everyone has hope that they will win the fight against breast cancer. I have participated in cancer walks, purchased merchandise in stores, and volunteered at events to help raise money. This cause is very important and everyone should help support!

  8. I think everyone has known someone who has been affected by cancer. We all are in this fight together, and its great to see people with such celebrity, use it for good! Just as a little PSA, a large group of my friends and I recent went to Rockin’ Roller hair salon here in Wilmington and paid ten dollars to get pink stripes stripes in our hair for the proceeds to go to breast cancer awareness/research. Its a great cause! Everyone should do it!

  9. I think it is great that celebrities speak out about their struggles with breast cancer and use the fact that they are famous to spread awareness. The only issue that I see with this is that while raising awareness is great, sometimes the companies, athletes, and celebrities that are sponsoring breast cancer awareness only donate a percentage of the net profit they make on apparel sold. This is can often be a small percentage compared to the actual profit the company makes off its products sold. This can be deceiving to consumers who believe they are contributing more than they actually are because they buy a product endorsed by a celebrity promoting breast cancer awareness.

  10. When the NFL incorporated the color pink to their uniforms, I was very happy. I think t’s a philanthropic cause that can raise an incredible amount of awareness. Celebrities who advocate for important causes is effective. Athletes? I think that’s an even smarter approach. My Sundays consist of a lot of football. I think a lot of people’s Sundays revolve around football, too. I tend to forget that October IS breast cancer awareness month until I see the first game of the season. It reminds me, and I am sure it reminds a lot of people, too. This awareness leads to action. To use the NFL and America’s favorite sport as a platform to advocate a philanthropic cause is a smart way to raise awareness. It’s a great sight to see professional football players happily wear pink to support such a great cause. NFL Pink – A Crucial Catch. I honestly think it’s amazing.

  11. Reading this blog was extremely uplifting! So many celebrities today use their fame solely to gain more publicity for themselves. It’s nice to know that there are celebrities out there concerned with something other than their own problems. Even celebrities and people in the spotlight who have never before been diagnosed with breast cancer are coming together to raise awareness. They know that by using their power to reach large audiences, they can help gain the support of others who may not be directly affected by this horrible cancer. People like Cynthia Nixon share their stories so that they can bring awareness and help save others.

  12. Every October I get so excited to see everyone from different organizations, teams, careers, and states come together for the cause of breast cancer. The amount of support that goes forth, and the effort put into bringing awareness is motivating, encouraging, and exciting. I’ve lost some to breast cancer and have known more who have overcome it, and I know just how much all of the extra support means to those who are fighting breast cancer!

  13. I’m glad to see celebrity appeals at work in the realm of doing good. Many times celebrities are used to endorse products which are nothing more than consumer goods. The fact that both male and female celebrities are raising awareness is excellent seeing as breast cancer is most commonly associated with women (although it doesn’t help that breast cancer’s color is pink, which is also associated with women). That is besides the point, it is great to see such an immense response by celebrities and the public alike in the effort to fight breast cancer.

  14. Overall, I believe that celebrity endorsements can be a good thing. However, their reasons for the endorsements may be unethical. They understand that by supporting a worthy cause, they will create a bigger fan base because people want to see celebrities supporting causes. Also, not all of the money made from the endorsements goes to Susan G. Komen. This is unethical because it is never mentioned to the public. I agree with the statement about an advantage of celebrities promoting breast cancer-awareness is their “ongoing fame and popularity”. That is a good thing because it does help bring attention and awareness to the cause. Celebrities want to be affiliated with worthy causes because it helps create recognition and a bigger fan base. There is just a fine line between the motives for supporting the cause.

  15. I think celebrities being involved in promoting awareness about breast cancer is a great cause. I think the more people that learn about it, or hear about it are more likely to do anything they can in order to help fight. Celebrities are a great outlet to get this message across because many people look up to celebrities, and know them through their favorite tv shows, and because of that it reaches a lot more people. I also like how even sports team promote awareness, such as the NFL wearing pink the whole month is a great way to get people’s attention. I know several people who have unfortunately passed from breast cancer and other types of cancer as well, and I think the more people know about it the better. I am all for promoting awareness and trying to help others who might be going through a hard time with it

  16. What the NFL has done for breast cancer awareness and donations is simply amazing. It’s some of the most watched things every week and these grown, manly men are out there wearing pink. That’s a great way to raise awareness. What I like most though are the auctions you mentioned where they back up the awareness with actual money for research. That’s a great program.

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