“Google Chrom-otional”

The number one purpose of television commercials is to make the consumers believe they need a product. Many companies rely on humor or a catchy jingle to gain interest in their product. Another tactic that can be a tad more difficult to accomplish involves making that emotional connection with the viewers. Evoking an emotional response through the use of commercials has proven especially hard to do these days. It is difficult for companies to make an emotional impact on their viewers with such little air time. Additionally, companies face the difficulty of connecting the commercial’s story-line to the lives of a diverse group of viewers. Despite these challenges, Google Chrome has released a series of commercials that have actually been able to tug at the heartstrings of many viewers.

These new advertisements not only display all the features that Google Chrome has to offer, but they are also able to leave a lasting impression on those who watch them. This emotional connection Google is able to make with the audience sets their advertising apart from competitors. They do this by using the short time of the commercial slot wisely. Instead of trying to get a jingle stuck in your head, they create what could be described as incredibly short films. By telling the audience a story, Google does more than show the audience a product. The audience feels a connection with the characters in the commercial. This type of connection is what Google is counting on. Their slogan “the web is what you make of it” gives the consumer the creative freedom to express themselves in any way, shape, or form. It challenges us to showcase our thoughts and to put ourselves out there in a way that has not been possible before. This is Google’s way of saying, “look what has been done, what will you do?”

Google has also conquered an even harder challenge with this advertising campaign. Making superstars relatable is a challenge many people face working in the entertainment industry. Google managed it in just around one minute. One might think using Lady Gaga as a spokesperson would make a product seem out of touch with this world. However, Google focused in on how she draws support from her fans and showers them with love. All the while she is encouraging them to be who they are. It is hard not to be a Lady Gaga fan after watching the video. This is what makes Google Chrome’s campaign so successful. Not only does their product look good and have celebrity endorsement, the celebrity also looks good and the fans feel included in the production of the commercial as well. Everyone wins.

Google Chrome has also recently made a commercial depicting the interaction between a father and daughter. The daughter, Jess, is struggling to find her place away at college and her father is her main support system as her mother has passed away. The commercial demonstrates the benefits of using Google Chrome to communicate and presents the ability to support loved ones even though they may be miles away. This commercial touches not only the hearts of homesick college students but also the parents suffering from empty nest syndrome. Suddenly, Google Chrome is a light in the confusing darkness and it can satisfy all of a family’s communication needs. Again, everyone wins.

Google Chrome has taken a risk by using an emotional appeal in their recent commercials, straying away from the many humorous or just downright strange commercials aired today. The integration of Google Chrome as an instrument to change human behavior is a major move on Google’s part. The notion that we can use Google Chrome to improve the way we live our lives is bold, but after all… the web is what you make of it.

Alexandra Huss, Caroline Merrill, Alyssa Morrello, Lauren Van Trigt, Dann Williams

3 thoughts on ““Google Chrom-otional”

  1. I think you all make a good point about the strategy of making something emotional in order to sell it. In journalism, this is called a human interest story, and is used to entice the viewer into feeling an emotional connection to the story they hear. As I was reading this blog, American Idol popped into my head. All I remember from watching the auditions is the fact that they really focus on the life stories of contestants who have been through something emotional in their past (the loss of a loved one, overcoming an illness, being a single parent). They use this to get the viewer to feel an emotional connection with the contestant right off the bat, similar to what Google Chrome does in their father/daughter commercial, and ensure that the viewer will continue watching just to see how far that contestant will go. This is a tactic used to ensure that their viewers will be emotionally invested in their show and that their ratings will continue to stay high.

  2. I completely agree that companies do a good job making customers “believe that they need a product.” I just posted a blog for my IMC class talking about the use of catchy jingles and slogans in Insurance commercials such as Geico and Nationwide.

  3. Personally, I love when a brand wins me over by touching my heart! Commercials are sooo boring and quite frankly, annoying, when they are loaded with corny jingles and rhyming slogans that I will only ever remember if I’m making fun of their brand and their product. The Lady Gaga commercial reminded me of a similar series of Bing search engine commercials that featured similar aspects of Wiz Khalifa and a few other celebrities. This type of commercial keeps me entertained because it informs me of my celebrity of interest while making them seem so real. This tactic is so effective recently because of all the social networking sites that real celebrities actually use. For example, I see one of Kendall Jenner’s home pictures and what she’s doing daily because I follow her on instagram and twitter. Connecting society with fantasy life and seeing they are very similar is a good thing, right?

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