Apple vs. Everyone Else: Are Ads the Key to Success?

Which smartphone is the best? That’s been the million dollar question since Apple first launched the iPhone in 2007 and forever changed the standard for mobile phones. Since then, brands such as Samsung, HTC, and Motorola have tried to answer this question with some pretty impressive designs.  Even though these brands may have the same, if not better features than the iPhone, Apple still reigns supreme in the smartphone market. How do you even compete with a brand as beloved as Apple? The answer is quite simple: you take a page out of Apple’s book and create an ad that highlights all of your competitor’s shortcomings.

For three and a half years, Apple fiercely convinced the general public that a Mac computer was far superior to a Windows PC through a total of sixty-six commercials.  Each ad featured well-known actor, Justin Long, as the cool, hip Mac computer while conversely portraying the PC as a more formal, suit and tie individual.  The main point of these commercials was to emphasize weaknesses in PC’s and highlight all of Apple’s best features.  Not only were the commercials a hit with the general public, but they also solidified the idea that Apple would always be the superior brand for computers.

Five days ago, Samsung premiered a new commercial for their newest smartphone, the Galaxy S3. The entire commercial, spanning one and a half minutes, essentially diminished all of the new features of the iPhone 5. For every “new” feature the iPhone 5 offered up, the Galaxy S3 countered with bigger and better ones. After viewing this commercial, one might start to question whether or not the iPhone 5 is really all that it’s cracked up to be. If you were to do some research, you would find that multiple technology sites named Samsung’s Galaxy S3 as the clear winner for the best smartphone of 2012 over Apple’s iPhone 5. While many other sites proclaim the iPhone 5 to be the superior choice, it’s not hard to see that the Galaxy S3 performs just as well if not better than the iPhone 5. But will Samsung’s Galaxy S3 outsell the iPhone 5? Probably not.

So why is the iPhone still the reigning champion of cell phones among consumers? It begs the question: is Apple indeed the superior brand or do they just have a stellar marketing team with brand name advantage? You decide.

Nicole Betterbid, Rachel Betterbid, Lucy Rojo, Shauna Seaver, Sierra Scellato

4 thoughts on “Apple vs. Everyone Else: Are Ads the Key to Success?

  1. I concur that Apple is very much the dominant cell phone (if not computer) brand in today’s market but it makes me question the integrity of consumers. All of the ads, articles and promos for the new Iphone 5 fail to mention that this newest smart phone requires users to purchase all new docks, chargers and cords for it to function. Apple is well known for having universal ports in their phones, ipods and computers so that you can charge in any Apple port but now that safety net is gone in exchange for profit. As a consumer, this rubs me the wrong way because I know it is a ploy just to acquire more money but obviously, consumers seemed little affected by the new required change. This is the point where I started to research other brand’s smart phones and plans because I do not like to follow the herd unless I know where I am going. Consumers have become obsessed with the brand name of Apple and have started to overlook the astounded quality of the competition.

  2. Up until last year, I have been a PC user. Once I did get my MacBook, I cannot even imagine going back to a Dell or Toshiba. In my personal opinion, I believe Apple has won over the computer industry hands down. They realize what the public wants and needs and they readily update their software to give it to us. Though, when talking about the Iphone, I have many mixed feelings. Apple was the first company to successfully create the touch screen smart phone but since then, so has everyone else. I do believe that their success is directly linked to their brand name. When you really think about it, the main differences between the iphone 4s and 5 are the larger screen, lighter model, and having to get all new docks and cords. They are running out of things to improve upon and make better. Until they create the next best thing, if they even are the ones to create it, I do not think that they are top dog anymore.

  3. Since the iPhone has made its way into most of the lives of my friends and family, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard, “When are you going to join the rest of the world and get an iPhone?” I don’t have anything against Apple, in fact, I think their brand is successful for a reason- they know how to market themselves effectively. Personally, I think the iPhone is overrated. In the beginning of the “smart phone era” they were superior to other brands because they had a pioneer advantage, but over the years the other guys have caught up technology wise and the competition has increased. I think it’s foolish of people to purchase the new iPhone 5, especially if they have Siri for iPhone 4. The fact that customers have to purchase new docks and cords specifically for the phone turns me off to the product- it’s a money making scheme that most Apple customers are falling for.
    Technology improves and different products come out frequently now-a-days, but iPhone is running out of ways to stay number one. The only reason they are still #1 is because of their brand name- people want to be associated with Apple because they’ve established themselves as technology innovators.
    I just so happen to be in the market for a new smart phone and haven’t even considered switching to an iPhone. On the other hand, the Galaxy S3 is on my wish list.

  4. I have an iPhone for a reason. I enjoy the apps (theres a new one coming out soon that can control the lights in your house), the nifty headphones, the simple texting process (especially between iPhones), it is made of a higher quality material, it has a nicer camera, etc. etc. I could go on for a while. They just understand what people want. A high quality, ahead of the times product. The iPhone is so popular that other products are integrating it into theirs. With the latest update Facebook has become strongly integrated into the phone. You’re able to share statuses with just a swipe, and without the app. The customer service is another bonus. I can just go to the Apple Store for all my needs. I’ll be honest, I can’t see a Samsung store becoming a thing. From my perspective, the Galaxy looks great in some ways, but only if you know other people with the same exact phone and I know absolutely no one with one. Obviously I don’t expect the iPhone to be the top dog forever, or even for another decade, but right now I just feel that Samsung is grasping at straws.

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