A Speech Haunted by the Past

How long does it take for people to forget about your past? Apparently, for some, it takes longer than 14 years. On Wednesday night, former president Bill Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention. He addressed the crowd with an honest, straightforward approach. However, many people found it difficult to believe him.

On social media such as Twitter, people were arguing that they could not trust things coming out of Clinton’s mouth due to his dishonest past. Twitter users were using the hash tag #slickwilly to discuss his forty-nine minute speech. People on Twitter posted  “Bill Clinton, a.k.a #SlickWilly was disbarred for lying..Not a word he says can ever be trusted..” and “May I remind you that this is a man who was impeached by the House of Reps for perjury and obstruction of Justice? #Clinton #SlickWilly.”  These tweets were just a few of the negative words being spread across social media. There were, however, just as many positive remarks concerning Clinton’s speech as there were negative on twitter September 5th.


Clinton has been branded by a group of U.S. citizens as dishonest. For this reason, the many facts that were included in Clinton’s speech have been meticulously checked. Although none of them have been found as incorrect, he has been critiqued for exaggerating many facts. The facts Clinton presented that have been questioned were his statements about the health care reform, Medicare, and the American Recovery Act.

Clinton’s speech is the only one that has been carefully examined for not providing the whole story to back his “honest” claims. None of the many speakers at the Republican National Convention were critiqued as much. Due to his scandalous past, Clinton is on a careful watch. If it were not for his impeachment, people would likely not question what he was saying.

So do you believe Clinton gave an honest and real speech? Or do you think his speech left out details that were necessary?