Life’s a Beach & I’m Just Playing in the Sand

If I could sum up my college experience at the University of North Carolina Wilmington in one word, it would be: fast.  I have grown up here, and Wilmington has become my home away from home.

My High School Graduation 2008

When I came to Wilmington in the Fall of 2008, I was a shy and naive teenager, fresh out of private school.  My wardrobe was tiny from having to wear uniforms to school from the age of five, and the only thing that I was certain about was that I was so happy to be at the beach.  I have always been an ocean girl and from a young age, my best family vacations involved me, my pink ruffled bikini, and a bucket full of shells.  I knew that as much uncertainty that was occurring in my life, I could rely on the waves to keep crashing on the sand.

A year later, I finally chose my major and decided that my dream of becoming a wedding planner could become a reality with a Communication Studies degree.  All of my professors were so helpful, encouraging me to take the right courses and giving me the tools to be successful, not only within the major, but also in my future career.

College Graduation May 12, 2012

One professor in particular truly made a life changing impact on my college career.  I have taken almost every class she taught, including Integrated Marketing Communication and Public Relations, and have learned incredible lessons not only about communication studies, brand marketing, and social media, but also in how to be successful in the fast approaching “real world”.  I will always remember the day that I first met this professor.  I told her that I wanted to be a wedding and event planner and she giggled while telling me that I had a long way to go before I could say that.  She pushed me to work harder and encouraged me to get involved and get experience so that I would be prepared.  Dr. Jeanne Persuit is an incredible professor and her current and future students could not be more lucky to be learning from the best.  There is no way to express how thankful I am to have been in Dr. Persuit’s classes (and, no, this is not because I have a GIANT project due Thursday – promise!).  But I do know that she will be reading this post, so I’ll say it loud and clear: Thank you for absolutely everything!

During the past four years, I have taken classes, learned amazing life-lessons, and blossomed into a confident, social, and successful woman.  I became involved.  I joined a sorority, made the best of friends, and I even survived COM 400.  And now that I am embarking on an incredible new journey known as adulthood, I still know that one thing will always be certain: the waves will always crash, over and over, on the sand on Wrightsville Beach.

Cheers to the next step!

Love always, Christina Stevenson