Oh, the Places You’ll Go

College is an experience that has the unique ability to change you over the course of four years. You have four years to make mistakes, meet new people, take classes you love (or hate), get involved, study abroad, get an internship, and find out who you are under the thoughtful guise of higher education. For me, UNCW has been a place of learning and growing. A place where I have come to recognize who I am as a person and what matters most to me as a student, a friend and a person.

I quickly found my home in the Department of Communication Studies. One of my favorite things was that they really made you work for your spot in the major; I spent half of COM 200 in a quantitative research haze wondering what in the world I was doing looking at bumper stickers in the parking lot outside Randall Library. The major can be intimidating at first, but as you graduate from Pre-COM advising and pass COM 200, you begin to find your niche within the department. I found mine during the spring semester of my sophomore year in Dr. Jeanne Persuit’s Intro to IMC class. I entered the class with trepidation, having absolutely no clue what Integrated Marketing Communication meant, but also with an open mind as to where the semester might take me.

I gobbled up every book Dr. Persuit fed us; from Groundswell to Branded Nation, I didn’t even mind being woken up at 6:00 am by Seth Godin because I was genuinely interested in what his blog would teach me that day. The individual IMC plan which functioned as our final assignment sealed the deal for me; I had finally found my niche. Nowalmost two years later, I am wrapping up my UNCW career with Dr. Persuit’s IMC II class and I am not at all surprised to find myself here. College is a gift; a present that your future self gives you when you’re 18 years old and have no clue what you’re going to do with your life. Whether you slowly unwrap it or tear through the paper and ribbons, what you find inside is completely up to you.

By: Kacy Cox