Just Calling to Say “Happy Earth Day!”

LG and Sprint have made celebrating Earth Day a little easier this year with the release of their new mobile phone with eco-friendly features.  The LG Optimus Elite will be available through the Sprint 3G Network on Sunday, April 22 through sprint.com and will be Sprint retail stores on May 18.


 The LG Optimus Elite is the third eco-friendly device launched by Sprint and LG this year.  The company released their first environmentally device in 2010 and continued with the release of two other cell phones earlier this year.  Sprint’s Vice President of Production Development, David Owens, released a statement saying “As a leader in environmental responsibility and sustainability, Sprint continues to expand its portfolio of eco-friendly devices and services by providing consumers with strong device choices,” while continuing to call the LG Optimus Elite “a dynamic and affordable green option for customers who want to go green without sacrificing the latest features”.  The company is thrilled that the release of this phone is happening on Earth Day, which reaffirms the company’s move for sustainability.

 The LG Optimus Elite is sleek and stylish while still exhibiting eco-friendly attributes.  This new cellphone even has UL Environment Platinum Certification, which is the highest level of

environmental performance recognized by sustainable requirements.  The certification is established by UL Environment and Sprint.  The phone is protected by a casing made of fifty percent recycled plastics, is RoHS compliant, meaning it is free of any hazardous material, and includes a charger that exceeds the EC Code of Conduct on energy efficiency and only consumes 0.03 watts of power when plugged into a wall socket without being connected to the phone.


Even the packaging to this phone is eco-friendly: the box is made from fully recycling packaging, printed with soy inks, and contains over 85% post consumer paper.

Sprint is a corporate leader in sustainability and is ranked the third in Newsweek’s 2011 greenest companies.  The company is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, committed to renewable energy, and encourages cell phone recycling.  In addition, Sprint’s policies and practices showcase their strong efforts in being eco-friendly.

So how should you celebrate Earth Day this year?  By buying the brand new, eco-friendly LG Optimus Elite!

-Christina Stevenson, Mollie Berthold, Dorothy Conley, & Laura Simmons

5 thoughts on “Just Calling to Say “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. This phone sounds great. Sprint seems to be doing the right thing by hopping on the eco friendly train. The fact that this phone is environmentally smart, will bring in a lot of positive feedback. I like how it supports cell phone recycling too. Launching this phone on earth day is also smart. People will already have the environment on their mines, so why not buy an eco smart phone?

  2. An Eco-Friendly cellphone? I had to read about it… However I have a strong feeling that this new development is not going to affect my purchasing tendencies. I, personally, am not as devoted to “going green” as I could be, I mean I’ll recycle when it’s convenient and I’m all for cutting back on the materials we use as individuals… but will I forgo getting the new iPhone because sprint has a new “greener” alternative? No…not likely. While I applaud Sprint’s effort as a company to reduce their eco-footprint, I am interested if this is a popular new cellphone feature- or just a passing fad.

  3. The idea of an eco-friendly phone will not change my buying habits when it comes to a cell phone. However, after reading about this the thing that came to mind was CMM and how Sprint is starting to extend their story. They are trying to reach out to a broader audience and change their image to extend the story of their brand. It is an interesting choice on Sprint’s part.

  4. I think it is cool that cell phone companies are becoming eco-friendly. The fact that the phone, charger, and packaging are all made of recyclable material is incredible. It really shows that recycling products are more than just paper, cups, milk jugs, etc. I believe that this new wave of phones will lead to eco-friendly computers and improved eco-friendly cars. This progress will really help our planet in the future and is the first step to a healthier planet.

  5. I love the idea Sprint has here. We are taking steps to a more sustainable life everyday. Sooner rather then later EVERYTHING will be eco-friendly…. or will it? I think Sprint’s idea of an eco-friendly phone is more for the publicity rather then really doing something for the world. This will ultimately attract the population of people living an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Its a great move on Sprints part. It really adds to its brands overall reputation.

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