Watch TV on your own time

Digital video recorders, also known as DVR’s, have been around since 1999. Replay TV and TiVo were the first two digital video recorders launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. DVR’s have become increasing popular because it allows you to record your favorite shows or movies and watch them later when you have more time. Now there is no need to rush home or stay up late just to catch the news or E! True Hollywood Story. DVR is changing how we watch television. With DVR on everyone’s mind, cable companies have created apps so that their users can set their DVR’s to record even when they are not home. Another feature of DVR that has caught many people’s attention is the fact that you can fast forward through the commercials. People can enjoy their favorite shows without interruptions. This has made it difficult for advertising companies to get the viewers to watch their advertisements.

With the development of DVR and television show recording programs, companies have to find new and effective ways to market their products to their target markets.  Television viewer’s ability to fast forward through commercials is thought to be affecting buying habits of consumers.  Companies and marketing experts have to peruse other means of getting their products out to the public.  Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and especially Pinterest are effective ways for companies to market their products in a way to get consumer attention.  Through this marketing hardship, integrated marketing communication is very important to gain and retain interest.

-Kelsey Bendig, Brooke Keller, Andrea Blanton, Brian Burch

7 thoughts on “Watch TV on your own time

  1. After reading this I thought first about the radio and how options such as XM radio and Pandora radio have changed the way companies reach their consumers. My parents first bought XM radio because it ensured a commercial free experience and stations that remained the same across county and state lines. Avoiding radio adds was wonderful but a few years ago XM Radio began to allow advertisements in between succession of songs. This defeated the purpose of XM radio for my parents but it still offered a wider variety of stations that local radio therefore they kept it. The companies that decided to advertise on XM radio are definitely on the right track because they have a higher chance of being heard than advertisements on local stations. For Pandora, consumers must purchase a subscription to avoid the commercials but most people just sit through them. These alternatives to the radio are where companies should be looking to advertise rather than on local radio stations. I, for one, am more likely to listen to an add on Pandora than an add on the radio.

  2. When choosing to read this blog post I thought it was going to describe how DVR has grown and become increasingly popular to the public. Instead this post took another approach and looked at how TV recording devices, such as DVR, are interfering with the marketing world. Programs such as DVR allow people to fast forward through commercials after they record their favorite show. For many brands TV advertisement is where they are able to create the most public awareness about their brand. With this form of advertisement being taken away from them, they are forced to turn to social media advertising through facebook and twitter. Although as consumers we like to be in control what we watch, the power to skip over commercials decreases our awareness about new products and developing brands. DVR is very convenient, but in turn, it could hurt the future promoting market.

  3. Along with social media sites, companies are getting their brand to be shown in tv shows and movies. Like the actors will drink Coke, for the Coca-Cola company or sit in a Starbucks. This is another great way to these companies to advertise their brands. Since many people do not watch commericals anymore, the companies that are taking advantage of advertising on the social media sites, radio, and in the actual tv shows or movies are at an advantage over those who don’t. They saw a way to keep their name known and are doing a great job at doing so.

  4. I chose to read this blog because I have been missing out on the luxury of having DVR since I moved out of my parent’s house. Now that I am in college, my roommates and I do not have DVR in our cable package and I never really realized how much I relied on it until I did not have it anymore. It is quite obvious to everyone that DVR and TiVo have grown to be very popular over the past decade, but I didn’t know that there was now an App that you can use to set your recordings from wherever you are…cool! Despite the amazing things that DVR and TiVo have done for people all over, I never really thought to think about how being able to fast forward through the commercials has affected the marketing of companies/brands/products all over. I personally love that I can skip through the commercials when I am trying to watch a show recorded on my DVR, but thankfully companies have been able to turn to social media sites in order to continue the marketing of their products.

  5. This post about DVR changing the advertising world really interested me. As a college student, one of the things I really miss about home is having the ability to record my favorite shows and being able to watch them on my own time. At school, I’m always busy going to class, attending meetings, doing homework, or going to the gym, and this leaves limited time for me to watch TV, let alone plan my schedule around the time my shows come on. I never really appreciated the convenience of DVR until I can to college and realize I have to resort to finding the show online (usually making me watch really annoying commercials every few minutes), and the TV station usually doesn’t post the episode online until the next day which can be frustrating when I have friends who spoil it for me.

    I never really thought about how the ability to fast forward through commercials influences how companies advertise their products. I can imagine that product placement within the shows on TV has become a larger marketing strategy than ever before, and I can notice the promotion of certain brands more on TV today. While sometimes the shows make product placement and brand promotion very obvious, hopefully TV companies can work on not being so blatant about pushing its viewers to buy a certain product.

  6. After reading through this post the first time, I thought “well, I would have automatically thought about product placement, not social media” as a new place to place advertisements as a result of DVRs. However, product placement has been happening just as long. In addition, when keeping the four C’s of marketing in mind, the price of product placement is probably much more expensive than advertising on social media sites. However, using internet ads has been found to be very ineffective as consumers have become habituated, and merely ignore them at this point. Now,for example, Pinterest has advertisement pages that come up, and consumers do not have a choice but to look and interact with them. Though this is highly annoying from a consumer’s point of view, I can see why brands are doing this. It is the only way to gain attention at this point.

  7. I chose to live by myself all throughout college so I have definitely missed the DVR access I had when I lived at home. As the “broke” college student, DVR is something I had to sacrifice if I wanted running water and electricity 🙂 Since DVR is not an option, I try and catch my shows on OnDemand. It is almost 100% different than DVR because the shows I watch will not let you fast forward through any commercials. It is very frustrating, especially when I am in a rush but I completely understand why advertisement companies do this. If they allowed us to fast forward through every commercial, they would make no money therefore we would have no new knowledge of what is actually out in the world. The price of the products are inexpensive but they will not make money if they do not “control” us in a way. I believe more people would get rid of DVR or TiVO if they had to sit and watch the commercials because let’s face it, the same commercials come on and some people consider it a waste of time.

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