Praising the Purple Cow

Technology is the medium of choice for the young adults in today’s society.  They have Ipods, Androids, Macs, PCs, Bamboo pads, and many more cool things. Until now, no one has thought of combining all of these favorite gadgets into one device.
Fujitsu has come up with a laptop concept that incorporates a tablet, phone and camera called the Lifebook 2013. You can detach its digital camera and use it separately, detach the tablet and use it as such or leave it attached to use as the laptop’s keyboard or touch drawing area. It also comes with a phone that is housed in the side. All of the pieces are synced when inserted into the laptop. This concept is one that is going to bring technology to the next level and will open up a new niche for companies like Dell and Apple to compete with.
This is a perfect example of how, just like technology, advertising is continually changing. Seth Godin, in his article “In Praise of the Purple Cow”, tells us that we always have to be looking for something that stands out, and if we don’t find it, create it. That is exactly what Fujitsu did; they saw that we have so many technological gadgets that we like to carry around and from that, they made a purple cow. This general idea is something people have been doing for years and we all enjoy the inventions that have come from it. So don’t forget, from time to time, to praise the purple cow.
-Dorothy Conley, Christina Stevenson, Laura Simmons, Mollie Berthold

19 thoughts on “Praising the Purple Cow

  1. Amen to that! One of the greatest thinkers of our generation who was always looking for the next creation that was different, and better, from the rest was Steve Jobs. It takes an incredibly creative and out-of-the-box person to think up something like the iPod, iPad or any other gadgets that Apple has come out with. It’s amazing to think of how far that sort of ‘purple’ thinking has brought us!

  2. This is genious and I cannot believe it hasn’t already been done. Today’s society is always looking for more simplified and convenient technology.

  3. I don’t necessarily agree with the statement that “Until now, no one has thought of combining all of these favorite gadgets into one device”. Isn’t a iPad, and other tablets a combination of gadgets. A iPad can play music, take pictures, search the internet, play games etc. And in my opinion iPads looks a lot more convenient than the Fujitsu computer.

  4. I will be really interested to see how successful a product like this is. It is definitely intriguing, but I wonder how many people truly will want all of their devices connected into one. I wouldn’t think companies like Apple would want to compete by creating their own all in one device, because when the cost breaks down, they couldn’t possible be able to pull off it costing the amount of a laptop, tablet, and phone in one. Part of the reason companies make so much money is because people stick to their brand. I for instance I own an ipod touch and mac computer, and am looking into buying an ipad. But I prefer my cannon camera. They are making so much money off of customers like me willing to purchase all separate gadgets. I just don’t see as many people catching on to this as is may seem. Some of us like picking and choosing when we have which device on us, and which maker it is.

  5. It was just a matter of time before someone created something that combined all the gadgets young adults use today. The Lifebook looks amazing so it will be interesting to see what competitors are going to do to try and one up it! Lifebook will definitely be the purple cow in it’s debut until something even better comes along!

  6. This device certainly does seem cool, but it is not the only one out there of its kind. Google is launching “Project Glass,” which will introduce glasses that consist of internet, gps, text, phone and many more. I think once it hits stores Fujitsu’s laptop will be old news.

  7. Thank you all for your comments. I believe all of you have some good points, there are people that have brand loyalty who might not even give this product a once over because they are Apple fans. The iPad is a combination of a few Apple gadgets but one thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t have that big of a system so you can’t run that much on it like you can a computer and that is one thing that the Lifebook is fixing with being able to attach their touch screen pad into the laptop. Really great questions guys!

  8. I’ll just start out by saying that I had no idea that this was going on and I’m glad I read this blog post. LifeBook 2013 sounds like something that is going to completely turn the technological world upside down. I’ve been waiting for something this innovative to come out, because I want to see how the world of technology will change, even adapt. The “Purple Cow” example is absolutely perfect and anyone who reads this will automatically be able to relate the concepts you are portraying. I will definitely look forward to seeing how this products holds up when it’s released. I will also be waiting to see what kind of actions Dell and Apple take to compete and match what is going on at Fujitsu.

  9. This is arguably the greatest laptop idea I have ever seen! I like how a new way to put things together comes from the simplest ideas that everyone has but wont put into action. I hope to one day find my purple cow and create something that everyone has thought of into production. I hope that this device does take off, although it looks very expensive.

  10. This is so awesome! It makes you wonder why no other company has thought of this “purple cow” before Fujitsu. It will be so convenient and probably very expensive when it hits the market. However you do have to pay for convenience, or wait until several other companies have the same product and the price comes down.

  11. In our culture today I think that we can be divided right down the middle on our thoughts about change. Within the world of technology, we are moving at a faster pace then anyone can keep up with. As soon as you upgrade your phone, the next day you will see an advertisement out for the newer version that you just upgraded to! After reading this post, I have been reminded of the good that can come in the “purple cow”. Sometimes change needs to occur and brands need to be improved. It may be true that we really do need to “Praise the Purple Cow” and learn to accept change for a good thing. Fujitsu made an improvement in their products that can be quite beneficial for some of their customers.

  12. Its interesting to me to watch the progression of technology. I always ask myself… “what’s next” or “there can’t be anything better” but time and time again I get proven wrong. As a teen I was satisfied with dial-up internet, now I cant imagine not being able to check email on my phone. Where do we go from here? I’m not sure if this Lifebook is where we’re headed… but the creativity behind this product is what drives the creation of other products. I am very excited to see what the next generation of technology is.

  13. This is an interesting idea. I understand that you can’t run THAT much on it like you can on a computer, but so many people are on the go all the time so in my opinion, smaller items like the iPhone and iPad are more compact than this all in one laptop device and have the same capabilities as the Lifebook. Maybe I am biased because I am obsessed with my iPhone, but the camera works, the phone works, the internet works, and I have everything else at my fingertips, so why try to compete? Apple is taking over the world, so IT/Fujitsu should just leave it alone. 🙂

  14. “Praise the Purple Cow” interesting title. I recall thinking that there were chocolate cows that produced chocolate milk when I was young. This article somewhat demonstrates the need to create a better product at all times, somewhat like the “chocolate milk”. People can drink the plain milk and it can even be good for them, but it is not enough. So, technology has been able to take this want(often not a need) and foster newer, better, best. Innovation and creation of new products will always allow for emerging markets and new competitors. This hopefully, will continue the search for the purple cow.

  15. The Lifebook seems ingenious but i don’t think the creators approached the market correctly. If the target audience is the Millennials, Fujitsu has forgotten that their audience already has all the products their are trying to push. Our generation takes Pride in whipping out our technology. We like having a pocket full of gadgets a purses full of iProducts; it ups out status and makes us feel good. If Fujitsu really wants to sell, they may wan to consider changing their target audience to the tech savvy Baby Boomers who, like my father, despise having to utilize multiple technological mediums. Consolidation is not typically an issue for the young adult; however, as a individual with a ‘dumb’ phone, a cheap camera, and a laptop that’s 6 years old, I really want one!

  16. This concept seems so simple that I am surprised it is just being created. I have a habit of misplacing things, so a product such as this will really help people like me out. The rapid growth in technology such as the Lifebook and project glass is causing competition with other similar brands for who can create the most innovative product the quickest.

  17. I’ve been wanting to read Seth Godin’s book the Purple Cow for a while now. He is a guru when it comes to superior marketing strategy. This product will get hype, but are they trying to conquer too many technological specifications. People like a certain phone, camera, tablet, and computer. It will be tough for them to convince people that they should buy their product over the powerhouses of the individual products that make up their whole. Lifebook will need to prove to people that their individual technological parts alone are better than brands that solely focus on cameras, phones, tablets, and even computers.

  18. Lifebook needs to prove that their individual camera, phone, computer, tablet, etc. are better than the brands that focus solely on the individual products that focus on those products. Yes, they are creating something that is unique and never has done before but that doesn’t mean there is a market for it. Unless their actual individual camera, phone, computer, tablet, etc. are better than individual ones on the market and if there are people out there that just want an all in one product. But human nature typically tends to think that a company that offers a lot of products into a whole package aren’t as good quality. So they are going to have that fight that stigma. But I’ve been wanting to read Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow for a while. He definitely is a guru when it comes to superior marketing.

  19. Lifebook is going to have to prove that their camera, phone, tablet, and computer are better than brands that specialize in those individual products. The Purple Cow concept is a good strategy, but there needs to be a market for it in order for it to be effective. Human nature tends to think that buying something in a whole package is typically not as good as buying the individual products separately from brands that specialize in it.

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