Praising the Purple Cow

Technology is the medium of choice for the young adults in today’s society.  They have Ipods, Androids, Macs, PCs, Bamboo pads, and many more cool things. Until now, no one has thought of combining all of these favorite gadgets into one device.
Fujitsu has come up with a laptop concept that incorporates a tablet, phone and camera called the Lifebook 2013. You can detach its digital camera and use it separately, detach the tablet and use it as such or leave it attached to use as the laptop’s keyboard or touch drawing area. It also comes with a phone that is housed in the side. All of the pieces are synced when inserted into the laptop. This concept is one that is going to bring technology to the next level and will open up a new niche for companies like Dell and Apple to compete with.
This is a perfect example of how, just like technology, advertising is continually changing. Seth Godin, in his article “In Praise of the Purple Cow”, tells us that we always have to be looking for something that stands out, and if we don’t find it, create it. That is exactly what Fujitsu did; they saw that we have so many technological gadgets that we like to carry around and from that, they made a purple cow. This general idea is something people have been doing for years and we all enjoy the inventions that have come from it. So don’t forget, from time to time, to praise the purple cow.
-Dorothy Conley, Christina Stevenson, Laura Simmons, Mollie Berthold