Changes in time catalyze changes not only in society but in the tools we use to connect with one another. From the telegraph to instant messaging our advancements in technology are so rapidly developing that some struggle to stay up to date. It has been a little over a century since the telephone was invented, and in that time we have managed to transform what we used to call a telephone into a device called a smartphone. We’re looking at you, iPhone. Not only have we managed to globalize communication in the last century but we have wrangled the use of the internet to help businesses communicate with their customers and allow friends to stay in touch. It is no wonder that with everything changing and developing so quickly that companies are turning to IMC consultants to help them keep up with the new technologies.

As mentioned before, changes in time demands a change in tools. If a company can not manage their image there are people in public relations and integrated marketing communications that are fluent in the tools of social media and gauging the power of search engines. A smaller, local company may weaken if their consumers can’t access them as easily as others. Almost every business needs a website to maintain credibility and to inform the consumer of their services and locations. If it weren’t for technology, jobs for IMC and PR consultants wouldn’t have evolved into what they have become today. The more outlets for customer interaction the more roles that are needed to ensure a coherent brand message is being sent out and maintained through all possible points of contact. We are in constant change and with technology on the move it is imperative for a company to be able to communicate with its consumers by utilizing  the appropriate medium. Seriously, when was the last time you thumbed through the yellow pages to find a business? If you need to find something, you get on Google, enter your desired search and click on the best match that Google provides.

For companies, staying relevant with modern technology is essential to creating a presence for your brand and technology today is allowing them to do so by employing multiple media outlets so that people can communicate with their brand. As the semester begins to draw to a close, a new crop of graduates will be entering into the job market, it’s imperative to keep in mind the true impact of the role of modernity. A company’s mastery of technology and multimedia tends to correlate with their success, in a time where “that was so five seconds ago” actually holds some truth. It is vital that businesses continue to make exponential progress, but unfortunately, this also means that like your now ancient VHS player and WalkMan, your brand new iPhone will soon be considered passe. Siri will be a thing of the past, something that the next generation will mock at throwback parties while rocking a Snuggie and some skinny jeans, poking fun at what lies in the past while riding the technological wave towards the future.

By: Kacy Cox, Alexis Kapczynski, Sara Kaloudis, and Josh Bowman