Are you Getting What you are Playing for?

Call of Duty is one of the top leading video game brands of all time.  Video gamers line up for hours on end prior to the release of the newest edition to Call of Duty.  Regardless of how much gamers complain about the issues that are attributed to the newest game, people still buy the game.  Why are gamers throwing so much money at a franchise that does not deliver like it used to?  Activision and Infinity Ward have developed something super successful.  Not the video game itself, but the brand behind the game.

Anymore, the video games that are next in line with the Call of Duty series are sold before they even hit the stores.  Last year alone, with the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Activision and Infinity Ward recorded a record $1.7 billion in sales before the actual release date.  What makes a brand sell so well before it is actually played?  The hype.  The promise of delivering one of the greatest games ever brought to a video game console.  That’s what sells.  In a world that is completely run by electronics, video games are the king.  Players line up around the corner to await their turn to buy the newest game and get home to play.

Some fads in video games never fade away. For example, classics like Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers all have evolved with each new gaming system and never died out.  What makes games like those stick around?  I mean, no one plays duck hunter from the original super Nintendo anymore.  Playing games we played during our childhood take our imagination back to when we were a kid.  Video game developers market specific games to specific generations in order to maintain the life-long bond we share with our favorite characters and bring up conversations like “is it really cheating if you play as Odd Job in 007 Golden Eye and have the golden gun?” or who stole your star in Mario Party.  It’s all about creating a brand identity and associating it with a generation who will have an emotional bond with the game.

Julius Roberts, Leanna Marshall, Leslie Tyler, Bryce Koonts