Never Say Never

Noun: a sickness, that has recently been becoming more common, where a girl, or boy, is extremely obsessed with Justin Bieber, and everything related to him. There is currently no cure.
Justin Bieber is a name known through every household in America, whether a teenage girl is living there or not.  This heartthrob has been breaking hearts with his precious smile and his beautiful vocals since releasing a single in 2009.  His signature move: the hair swoop, has been making girls drool and his voice has recently been compared to a combination of Fergie and Jesus.  So, how did this pre-pubescent boy become such an America’s sweetheart?

When Justin was just a boy, his mother decided that he had a raw and unforgettable talent.  She began posting homemade videos of her son singing his heart out all over YouTube.  The number of views that these videos received was astronomical.  Every day, hundreds of thousands of music fans viewed his videos and eventually, major industry insiders such as Scooter Braun, began to take notice of Justin’s talent. Braun quickly began recording Bieber and got him the opportunity to sing for R&B singer and songwriter, Usher.  He then signed with Raymond Braun Media Group. In 2009, Justin released his first single “One Time” that put him in the Top 30 around the world, and later his album entitled My World went platinum in the United States. Bieber is definitely America’s newest heart-throb.

Can you Belieb it? He’s a talented singer, song writer, and can make any girl fawn over him.

Justin Bieber’s mom started posting videos of Justin’s performances at the age of twelve and her efforts paid off because this lead to his famous discovery. Bieber can reach out to his fans better by uploading his music videos via his YouTube channel. His “One Time” Video earned him millions of hits through his channel. Braun took advantage of the YouTube channel in promoting Justin Bieber before he was even signed under RBMG. Justin Bieber continuously makes new posts of his music videos and his appearances on television shows and behind the scenes clips. Bieber found the right avenue to showcase his talents by using YouTube and eventually other social media outlets, such as opening a Twitter account so he could interact with his fans and supporters or you can find his Facebook page for updates. There is no denying through all these social medias Justin Bieber’s career has succeeded. It is easy to see that it’s not just young girls who have contracted Bieber Fever with the outrageous amounts of status updates, tweets, and blog posts that are all about him.

So, what makes Justin Bieber a brand known through every household in America?  It’s not just the combination of his signature hair swoop, his purple button down, his skinny colored jeans, or his sensational voice.  Justin has branched out to creating perfumes and colognes, while also making himself incredible to the world of philanthropy.  Justin makes sure to give back to his fans.  He even spent Valentine’s Day, not with his girlfriend, but with one of his dearest fans, Avalanna Routh, a six year old suffering from an aggressive form of cancer.

Will there ever be a cure for Bieber Fever?  We sure hope not!  With his angelic voice and his sweet face glossing every tabloid on newsstands, who would want a cure?

-Laura Simmons, Christina Stevenson, Dorothy Conley, Mollie Berthold