Your Vacation Is Our Education

Every school has their own stereotype that is perceived among those outside the community.  ECU is the party school, UNC is preppy, App is a hippie school and people have the tendency to stereotype UNCW as a laid back party school: all we do is wear our bathing suits to class, surf, and hit the beach.  In the summer that may be true, but during the school year we are a motivated and involved campus that works extremely hard on our academic goals.  UNCW can be misunderstood by many outsiders who are not involved in our daily lifestyles. From the hundreds of different campus organizations to the thousands of courses that intellectually challenge us, we are anything but slackers. Additionally, because of our location near the beach, we tend to love a healthy and active lifestyle as well.  Whether it’s walking the loop, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, wake boarding, biking and many other activities, we are able to maintain a positive attitude about life.  

As a brand, UNCW has been observed as the second hardest public university to get into in North Carolina.  Its academic growth over the last few years has skyrocketed past its many competitors.  With many additions, like the McNeill School of Nursing and the latest cutting-edge technology in nursing education, we have been able to teach our students to the best of our abilities. Even with our amount of academic growth, we are still able to keep a small atmospheric feel by having smaller classes for high quality student-teacher interactions. As a coastal university we also provide a perfect environment for our multiple Marine Science programs.

UNCW was also just named one of the nation’s “Best Value” Public Colleges and Universities by The Princeton Review for the fourth year in a row. We are viewed as a school with a superb faculty that students are very fond of. It’s not often that you hear someone talking about how much they don’t like a professor; instead you hear things like, “This professor made this class so much more interesting than I thought it would be.”

As you can see, our university has many things going for it other than being on the coast and having great weather. Though we literally live on the beach, UNCW clearly goes beyond its perceived stereotype of slackers, beach bums, and surfers.

Leanna Marshall, Leslie Tyler, Bryce Koonts, Julius Roberts