Was this ad relevant to you?

Marketing and advertising to customers in the digital age has brought a whole new meaning to understanding niche markets. Businesses use niche marketing to reach smaller, yet highly profitable, segments of their customer population. For instance, we see brands become popular among particular groups with special interests.  We use brands to identify our personal interests and values. Niche marketing has improved in the digital age through Google AdSense and various marketing services that can monitor your online behavior ranging from the sites that you visit, to how many times you clicked on a link.  Where some would say that new marketing services are intrusive, these services are ultimately making ads more relevant for you.  Niche marketing provides a filter for irrelevant ads, marketing towards customers with similar niche interests.

Hulu understands that their customers want to be treated as intelligent consumers.  Hulu uses Ad Tailor, a service which surveys the viewers to target receptive audiences and show ads which are relevant to that particular user.  Niche marketing in the digital age has improved our experiences with everyday advertising and content.  Brands following in Hulu’s footsteps of recognizing their users as intelligent consumers will prevail.

-Molly Jacques, Josh Vester, Hunter Wilson, Ashley Oliver