Marketing for Vacationers


Sun tans, sand between our toes and palm trees are images that come to our minds when thinking about spring break. For many college students, spring break is a chance to escape the monotony of the academic lifestyle. This escape often incorporates tropical beaches and fun times with friends. Spring break is about getting away for a little while before the stress associated with the end of the semester creeps up on us.

Since so many students decide to travel during their spring break, travel agencies take notice of this huge resource of customers and tailor a variety of packages to students. These agencies are aware that students are traveling on a restricted budget, and therefore market cheap packages to them.  Popular packages include flights and rooms is hotels  for five nights (because spring break is usually Monday through Friday).

One travel agency in particular is cashing in on the huge revenue associated with the student demographic, StudentUniverse. The agency’s website promotes the company as a resource for students to find travel deals catered to them. On the website students can search prices for flights going to their potential spring break travel destinations, activities to do while on vacation,  and cheap hotel rooms. StudentUniverse creates travel packages to popular spring break destinations, such as Panama City and Cancun.

All though StudentUniverse markets itself as a travel agency for students, it also provides profitable advertising and marketing tactics for companies. The StudentUniverse website shares the benefits of marketing to students with companies. The website also tells companies how they can connect with students without the internet.

It is apparent that StudentUniverse works with other companies when looking at the activities and events it suggests for its student customers.   The website promotes specific restaurants, parties and other things for travelers. Companies are aware that StudentUniverse can connect them with thousands of potential customers. These customers are looking to go on vacation, have fun and spend money.

StudentUniverse is an excellent example of the ways companies are marketing to us, without us ever being aware of it. Maybe the next time you are planning your trip you will take a  minute to consider the locations and activities your travel agency is promoting and why.

~Hunter, Josh, Molly and Ashley