Kickstarting Your Creativity

     Have you ever been lounging around, casually stuffing your face with some nameless artificially flavored snack, when an infomercial blasts on about a product you, your cheese puff eating self, could have created? If only you had the funding for your own inventions and ideas, you could surely top the contribution that the genius wonder that is the Snuggie (a backwards robe) brings to society. Well, back up Shamwow, your creative project can now have a chance at coming to actuality too.
     Through the Kickstarter program you can potentially obtain funding for your personal creative projects, whether it be a modern picture book of what makes a baby, an art installation of the brain storming process, or even 3D android based playing cards. Whatever your entrepreneurial endeavor may be, Kickstarter is there to help secure your funding. Their slogan is “A new way to fund and follow creativity,” they showcase a project of the day on their homepage and show the percentage of funding the project has already received and how much they still need. Now there are some rules that come along with this free marketing to patrons. The first and most stressed is that no money will exchange hands until the previously stated funding goal has been reached, you can exceed the monetary goal but you must obtain the full amount of estimated project costs. This rule protects both the contributor as well as the project mastermind because the creator will not have to begin making progress on their idea until all of the money is accounted for. There is also a deadline the project creator must set for themselves when they first post their idea on the site. Kickstarter nor the patrons will be allowed to claim ownership over the intellectual property and the money put forth is strictly a donation, not an investment. You also must be 18 or over, sorry mini Wunderkinds.
     Kickstarter is an interactive platform to display one’s most artistic and ambitious enterprising efforts. This site allows one to broadcast a call for funding of your own great ingenuity. No longer do you have to be a passive bystander on the couch, watching other people’s inventions and ideas succeed, now all you have to do is add a new tab and click away from your Facebook or Twitter long enough to post your brilliant idea on No matter how simple, how complex, how much it costs, or how random it is, Kickstarter will put the word out about your new innovative venture.
-Alexis Kapczynski, Kacy Cox, Sara Kaloudis, and Josh Bowman