Wait, they care about my vote?

Candidates have really been trying to “woo” young people to vote. This demographic can be quite difficult to motivate and actually get them to do something. They all just really need someone who they can relate to before we can make a decision, you know like a celebrity who is endorsing one of the candidates. Remembering back to the last election, this was very successful in Obama’s favor. Many famous people were sporting the always fashionable Obama gear. He even made it on the runway! Who wouldn’t want a president that has made it on the Paris fashion runway?


Of course, not all ploys to get the youth to vote are quite so extreme and over the top. Rock the Vote is one of the biggest organizations trying to get young people to vote. They use pop culture, music, and new technologies to get them to register and have successfully signed up over five million young voters. The Millennial Generation makes up about 1/4 of the voting population which makes them an important demographic for politicians to market themselves to. Just in the last presidential election alone Rock the Vote registered 2.5 million voters. This was by far their highest number they have had yet.

College campuses are another great outlet for getting the younger crowd to register to vote. Statistics show that there is a much higher rate of educated youth voting versus the ones who didn’t attend college. This is the most convenient way to motivate this  apathetic age group. Having an on campus presence is a good reminder of how easy it is to register. Since the 2000 presidential election it has been forced by federal law for postsecondary institutions to make a good faith effort to distribute voter registration forms to all of their degree seeking students.

The Presidential candidates now take the Millennial Generation a lot more seriously, then they ever did before. They want their voting numbers to go up and this large demographic can be the boost they need. As a member of this generation, I wonder what tactic they will use next to sway my vote?


– Mollie Berthold, Laura Simmons, Christina Stevenson, Dorothy Conley

6 thoughts on “Wait, they care about my vote?

  1. This reminds me of the ” Jesus is my homeboy” shirts. I don’t think the church was behind the disperse of those products. In my opinion it is a creative designer looking to make a profit off something that is popular (religion) and marketable this generation. I believe that the Obama products ( shirts, art, etc.) was not a strategy to reach young voters. But more of creative individuals who saw a way to make a profit.

    On a side note I think the registering college students on campus is a great idea and makes it convenient for students. on the other hand when it actually comes down to voting, that part can be extremely inconvenient. With the specific places one must go to vote and the lines many are forced to wait in. That is the real problem why although people register, many do not vote. Adding voting stations on campus would be a great idea!

  2. I really enjoyed this post, mainly because I feel like it is something that is very prevalant right now. This election will be my first election that I am able to vote it and i’m actually really excited about it. I think that it is great the the candidates are really trying to get the youths attention and make them care about the upcoming election. It it interesting to read about some of the techniques such as the Obama shirts in the fashion shows. I have noticed that on UNCW’s campus there are tons of people advocating that people get registered, and I think that this is a good way to get college students and it is very convienent because they can just register right on campus!

    Hillary Linn

  3. I think it is more important to convince young adults to vote than to try and sway their vote. One of the most successful elections was the Vote or Die campaign by Diddy as well as other famous celebrities. Diddy didn’t tell people who to vote for but just urged people to get out there and do it. Many young people went and registered to vote and actually cared about the upcoming election. I also think it is an excellent opportunity to allow students to register to vote on campus. Reminders around campus are great because many students are so busy that they forget to register. Convenience is the key to allow people the opportunity to register and to actually vote.

  4. In 2008, I had just turned 18 and had the opportunity to vote in the presidential election. I was approached at a music festival “Warped Tour” and was persuaded by the registers to sign up to vote in return for an awesome “voters goodie bag”. At the time I really wasn’t passionate about the presidential election, but after realizing it was just one of many things I could do as an newly 18 year old I decided to “have a voice” In reality I probably would have never sought out and become a registered voter, but now I feel passionate about connecting my generation with what’s important in the world. Without having a group like “rock the vote”, there would be people like me. People who are uninformed and miss out on the opportunity to have a voice.

  5. I think it is interesting that young people today make up a large percentage of the voting population, yet most of them do not seem to make it to the poles, despite massive efforts. In my opinion, one of the main reasons young people do not vote is because they feel that they do not know enough about the candidates platforms. Colleges and rallies should distribute flyers with each party’s basic platforms to ensure the voters are voting for what they believe in, instead of the coolest t-shirt design or because a celebrity says so. Since they make up a large percentage of the poles, this is crucial because young people will turn into the older population of voters soon, and we want them making informed votes.

  6. Of course they care about our vote but not enough of us care about voting. Rock the vote is great, they have gotten a remarkable number of young adults registered to vote but the sad fact is only a portion show up for election day. I also sincerely hope that an Obama dress at a fashion show would not sway someone to vote. I think the most important thing to do is get young people interested and help them understand how important their vote and their voices are. More people watch American Idol than voted in the last presidential election, that’s a problem! The blog stated that we make up a fourth of the voting population but it failed to argue the importance that we are also the future generation. So yes they care about your vote and you should too because if you don’t know one else will.

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