Who is the Award Really Going To?

This year millions of people have and will tune in to watch various awards shows that honor and celebrate some of the biggest celebrities in the world. But why? Awards shows are nothing but a bunch of rich people talking about a bunch of very rich people while wearing clothes that cost more than the average viewer’s annual income. The reason these events are so interesting, aside from placing the whose who of entertainment in the same building, is that it offers us a chance to see the face behind the brand. We get to “catch” the actor out of character and see what the musician is like away from the studio. It’s the only time a year that most people get to see Will Smith interact with his family or see Pink step away from her emotionally charged music and have a relaxing night with her peers.

If we wanted to see Brad Pitt act, we could run to the local Redbox and rent MoneyBall and if we wanted to hear Katy Perry sing we could get online and download her latest album (legally of course) but these shows are about so much more than that, these shows are about taking those brands that entertain us throughout the year and recognizing the face behind that brand.

There can be that personal connection behind those who have many different faces in different roles of television shows, movies and more.  Even though the winners stand up behind the microphone and deliver a pre-rehearsed speech about how it was not possible without certain people, we still see them in their own skin.  There are no accents or lines, just them.  It’s almost a purity in that we can have those actors and actresses take off their many masks and be themselves for an evening.  That’s what seems to drive the excitement aside from them winning awards in the respective categories.


– Julius Roberts, Leanna Marshall, Bryce Koonts, Leslie Tyler

3 thoughts on “Who is the Award Really Going To?

  1. This is a really interesting perspective on the reason why viewers are so intrigued by the awards shows. But, I have to say that I don’t really think awards shows really give the viewer much of an inside look into the lives of actors, actresses, and musicians. Maybe we can catch them sitting with their family or relaxing with their friends, but only for a few moments as the camera pans over them or at some points when they are interviewed. Even then, they probably are not truly being themselves the way they would be if at home with their family and friends. In a way I guess this really does give us a small opportunity to look at their life outside of the film and music studio, but they are still in front of the camera so we have to realize that they are still not completely themselves.

  2. I disagree with this article because I feel that award shows are not a night for celebrities to take off the mask but another way for them to gain more media attention. I watch the shows for the fashion and the crazy antics, I never go into an awards show thinking oh I am finally going to see Brad Pitt being his natural self. Anytime there are cameras around celebrities are putting on an act, just look at the Kanye West scandal a couple of years ago he was clearly not having a relaxing night but merely finding another way to get attention because lets face it, any publicity is good publicity. Even this year the whole Angelina Jolie leg pose was clearly thought out, I highly doubt she would ever casually stand to where everyone could see her leg up to mid thigh. I feel like award shows are meant to be an illusion, they want you to think that everything is happening naturally while in reality the audience is being manipulated and shown what the celebrities want them to see.

  3. The main reason I watch these award shows is just that. I love seeing the celebrities in their pure form. No script, no music video, just the celebrities and how they interact in their normal lives. I have always loved Kanye West but I lost complete respect for him when he bashed Taylor Swift in the middle of her speech. I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t believe he would portray such an image to all of his fans and people watching all over America. We truly got to see who Kanye West really is outside of his music.

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