Let’s get Weird!

So here we are in the middle of award shows. We just had the Grammys and now we are preparing for the Oscars. We know that some of the things we are going to see at these events are the designer gowns, crazy hairstyles, and death-defying shoes. We all know who most of the winners are going to be at these events: it will be the new and hip people on the scene, or possibly a singer/actor who has made a comeback in the industry. But what about the unsung heroes that are always there? Who are those people that are really good at what they do, but never seem to make it? One of the biggest unsung heroes is “Weird Al” Yankovic. He has been on the music scene since 1976 and has been making comedy music like “Bob”, “Born this way”, and “Amish Paradise”, just to name a few.

He has been nominated for comedy awards 14 times, but only twice has he ever won. Even with only two wins, he just keeps on writing and performing his amazing parodies. This is what people should look for when choosing a brand. You want to research and look for a brand that has been around and survived throughout the years; brands that are secure and responsible. You can go out and try the newest brands, but because of their newness, they might not last. Then you have those brands that are trying to revamp themselves because they are on their last leg. Just like “Weird Al,” we all love those brands that have given us the best products and services for years and that we know we can rely on. This is something to keep in mind when you are looking at all the brands that will show up this year at the award shows.

~ Dorothy Conley, Laura Simmons, Christina Stevenson, Mollie Berthold

12 thoughts on “Let’s get Weird!

  1. I love this comparison! Weird Al has been a secret favorite of mine since I found his CD in my big brother’s room in the 90s. This was a great tie to the brand name idea that those who have been around and are secure are probably the best to stick with. Take Coke or even Walmart – they’ve been around forever, and are still finding ways to come up with new hip ideas, but it’s the original foundational image that really makes us shop there or buy that.

  2. I agree with this post. I believe some of the best music, art, clothing designs, etc., are the ones that remain out of the spotlight. When looking for a particular item such as a phone or computer, it’s important to do some research and look for the most reliable, well built/designed products on the market. Typically, these products have been around for awhile, and continue to improve and come out with new models in order to stay on top of the technology market and to keep their products up to date.

  3. Thank you all for your insight to the theme! I am very glad that everyone can find a way to relate to the blog post. I have always been a Weird Al fan and getting a chance to put him in the spotlight was awesome but seeing that people saw the point behind it made me very happy!

  4. While I completely agree that some of the best performers nominated at the award shows aren’t the A-list celebs, I’m not entirely sure that Weird-Al is writing songs with the goal of getting a grammy. I think when writing parody/comedic songs, you know that your music will not be mainstreamed enough to keep up with pop-star colleagues — getting nominated 14 times is actually a great honor in itself! I love how you compared Weird-Al to an old brand that is constantly trying to re-vamp itself. Most musicians consider themselves “brands” because they are trying to sell their image as well as their music.

  5. I would have never thought of questioning why Weird-Al hasn’t won a Grammy. I think it is a really interesting perspective. He has successfully branded himself and lasted through many decades because he creates parodies for songs that are currently popular. I feel like Weird-Al’s work is somewhat like appropriation because he does take another artist’s creation and tweek it to make it his own. This could be a reason why he doesn’t win a Grammy. He is successful, but his work is in a category all of its own.

  6. I really agree with what you said about how you should try to find brands that are really good but don’t get a lot of attention. I have often found that some of the best brands are ones that you never hear about and don’t get a lot of attention. I also really like your example of this with Weird Al. I am a big fan of Weird Al and would agree that he does not get attention that he deserves.

  7. This is true. But sometimes a solid company can make a huge branding mistake to increase sells or appeal to a different demographic. One that sticks out to me is Coke. They tried to come out with a new formula to compete with Pepsi because they lost in a taste factor competition. They ended up losing their already loyal customers and not gaining any new customers (due to Pepsi) until they came out with Diet Coke. Their brand is classic and tried-and-true. They tried to revamp their brand by trying something modern, but they forgot their consumers like them because they have so much culture and history intertwined in their product.

  8. This is a great comparison to what every company should strive to be like. He never changes his way which is why his listeners are usually pretty loyal ones. You always have an idea of what you are going to hear if you buy a Weird Al CD which is the security that every consumer wants in their purchases.

  9. Weird Al is an artist who knows he is good at what he does and he loves what he does. Even though he is not rewarded, people still appreciate his comedic work. I like how he was used as a reliable, well-known, brand name. I would have to say that I agree with most of this post, but in the defense of some newer brands, I would have to disagree. It is true that you usually cannot go wrong when sticking with well-known, long lasting brands. I personally have several brands that I will use no matter what because well that is all I have ever known. I know it works for me, it is reliable, and I feel that it will always be there. Sometimes though, we all need an upgrade in our lives. Whether that is social, mental, or physical. We need areas of improvement, and that is when we can take a risk and branch off into a newer brand. Though these brands may not be as well-known, they could very much be worth a shot. The improvements and upgrades that you are looking for you may not get from your old school brand, but the new brand that you are trying out can provide that for you.

  10. I definitely agree that “Weird Al” Yankovic has been doing what he is doing for a long time and doing it very well at that. He has been efficiently producing his product since 1976 but has not been recognized for his consistency. I am not saying this man isn’t extremely talented, he just has label that is not serious put on him because of the “brand” of music he is promoting. I believe he does not get the credit he deserves because his work is aimed at being funny which causes people to take his music jokingly when compared to more serious artists. I also agree that when people are looking for a brand they want something they can rely on for long periods of time, which meets the criteria for Weird Al. Although he is dependable for enjoyment, his brand is consumed by others who take on a different style of music.

  11. I believe you all have made a great point in this blog. Some new brands may be exciting and flashy but not be of the same caliber the old brands are. Weird Al is a fairly well known comedian/song writer yet has never really had the recognition he deserves. Some brands out there have their clientele that are always faithful and that’s enough to keep them solid as a brand. These brands have earned the loyalty of customers that attract new customers and keeps the business going.

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