Getting Embedded With Awards Season

When thinking of awards season, it is easy to get caught up in the sound of long-winded acceptance speeches or drenched by the happy tears of successful artists and advertisers. These 2012 award winners are not the only people making the most of their grand performances however, in fact if you listen hard enough you may hear the sound of Voices Heard Media celebrating their biggest business influx of the year. Voices Heard media is a leader in social communication that provides embeddable applications to websites that wish to drive additional traffic and establish online communities on their sites.

Voices Heard Media’s biggest hit this time of the year is an application that allows customers to embed customizable and interactive polls in almost any web page. This is perfect for websites vying to capture the attention of Internet browsers who are dying to vote on the “worst acceptance speech” or “most likely to cry” in the 2012 awards season. No matter which social media page you embed them in, these interactive polls have been proven to not only exponentially increase the number of hits a site gets but also entice 50% of users to return again.

By using their engagement engine to jump-start this years awards season, Voices Heard Media has managed to lure traffic from social media sites to their customers sites. Just like a blogger might use the Academy Awards to drive traffic to their blog, Voices Heard Media uses it to drive traffic to their customers websites and eventually back to their own site, preferably to the $99 purchasing page.