What is it about Pinterest that has caught the fleeting attention span of the masses? Is it the artistic photos, the endless sources for inspiration, or the fact that is also happens to be one of the best new marketing tools out there? Pinterest is a relatively new player in the social media realm and has already become a high roller of sorts. What began as a small invite-only virtual mood board has morphed into a sensation with over ten million current users and that number is growing. Pinterest is captivating everyone: housewives, students, CEO’s, and even grandmothers are all looking to get a piece of the Pinning fun. Pinterest allows creativity to shine and includes everything from delicious recipes for every palate to the newest fashion-trends for every fashionista.
      Some super savvy brands have pounced on the Pinterest bandwagon and have utilized the site to their benefit. By posting pictures with a small pithy caption, companies have been able to drive traffic to their sites, inspire their consumers and begin a photographic conversation with their audiences.
   The most successful companies have learned to cross-reference all of their social media sites so that their presence remains connected and uniquely woven together across all platforms. In a post by Lauren Sorenson on The HubSpot Inbound Internet Marketing blog, she identified seven brands that are utilizing Pinterest particularly well and explains what it is that makes their Pinterest presence so fruitful. Sorenson explains that brands like Chobani and Etsy are not simply promoting their companies, but promoting their brands as a lifestyle.Pinterest’s highly visual element allows people to peruse not just products with a price point like most websites, but to discover a company’s visual aesthetic and participate in the Pinterest relationship by repining, commenting and liking pins and boards. Pinterest has done an incredible job of taking a photographic compilation and transforming it into a highly interactive website that allows companies to participate with their audiences in a new, exciting way.
      Pinterest members are also forging their own personal brands by compiling individual products to represent different facets of their lives. Some of the most common board titles are “My Style,” “Wedding Bells,” “Travel,” “Wish List,” and the scrumptious “Nom Nom” food genres. Users browse the web and other pinners’ boards to gain new additions to their ultimate brand endorsement. The products pinned to “Wish List” boards gain a desirability and the items repinned create a sense of community among those who highlight the same things. These boards act as a network of products brought together by the consumer. Ultimately, a users Pinterest page is a sort of personal brand profile that allows the user to create an image of not only their present self but most importantly, the consumer they want to be.
By: Kacy Cox, Alexis Kapczynski, Sara Kaloudis, Josh Bowman