Valentine’s Day Technology

Love. Flowers. Chocolate. Hearts.  All of these words are associated with Valentine’s Day.  However this has not always been the case.  How has the brand of “Valentine’s Day” evolved from simply spending a day with that special someone to a day filled with all-things chocolate, bouquets of flowers and days at the spa?  Well, obviously, with the advancement of technology things are becoming more digitized, but does it make the day any less sentimental?

Valentine’s Day started as the celebrating of the life of St. Valentine.  In today’s society, February 14th is the second most gift giving day of the year.  We have lost sight of the meaning behind the date, much like the other holidays. Diamond and jewelry companies, restaurants and even phone carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are finding ways to boosts sales for the day of love.  Phone companies claim that women want new smart phones rather than candies or to spend the day with your special someone.  We can send eCards to loved ones, we have apps that can send messages and give gift cards to go to grocery stores.

It’s time to face it.  Valentine’s Day has lost some of it meaning and big brand companies are saying that their products are what we want now.  No more chocolates, flowers, candies… They want cell phones and gift cards.  The times have changed and along with it, ways of expressing an affinity for each other, but has the passion behind the special day lost it’s charge?

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