Have a Sexy Valentine’s Day, Gorgeous!

A week from today, one of the most commercialized and superficial holidays will occur: Valentine’s Day. For those of you who are one half of a couple, Valentine’s Day is all about making your significant other happy, whether it involves showering him/her with gifts, making dinner reservations, or planning exuberant and normally unnecessarily expensive dates.

The beginning of February marks the time when store fronts become clad with hearts, cupid cutouts, and pink and red streamers.  Around this same time, we begin to see an increasing number of men lurking around lingerie stores, especially Victoria’s Secret – and for good reason.  Victoria’s Secret has a dramatic increase in sales during the season of romance. With their sexy print ads in magazines, their silky almost-obscene commercials, and their free “Lacie Pantie” giveaway, what man in their right mind would avoid giving their girlfriend/wife the gift of sexiness?

In their 2012 Valentine’s Day campaign, Victoria’s Secret Angels clad in pink and red barely-there bras and panties have advertised to their customers that with the gift of anything from their line of lingerie, their Valentine’s Day celebrations will be fabulous. In their sneak peek to their photo shoot, the Angels prance around in their under garments, smiling, laughing, and selling the ideas of sex and playfulness. In interviews, the girls claim that any man could win their hearts on Valentine’s Day by picking out something from the Victoria’s Secret shelves. One even says that if a man chooses something that he likes, it will give plenty of hints to his significant other.

Not only does this campaign appeal to male shoppers, but it also appeals to women. The Victoria’s Secret Angels encourage their customers to feel sexy, and by offering specials, free panties, and coupons during this season, women will certainly be able to feel like Angels.

So whether you are shopping for a significant other or are planning on spoiling yourself with brand new sexy lingerie, Victoria’s Secret will certainly be the place to shop this romantic season.  And don’t forget to have a sexy Valentine’s Day, Gorgeous!

Love always, Christina Stevenson, Mollie Berthold, Dorothy Conley, & Laura Simmons

16 thoughts on “Have a Sexy Valentine’s Day, Gorgeous!

  1. Victoria Secret definitely deserves a round of applause for making their brand appealing for almost every market on Valentines day. They apply to men, by giving them a perfect gift to make their significant other feel sexy on this silly holiday. This campaign appeals to single women, by giving them an opportunity to give themselves something that makes them feel special and sexy. It also is appealing for women in relationships to give their man something special to look at. Victoria secret definitely hit the mark with their Valentines Day 2012 campaign.

  2. Victoria’s Secret has obviously done wonders for their brand if when alot of people think Valentine’s Day they also think Victoria’s Secret simultaneously. I agree with the previous commenter that their strength is being appealing for all consumers. Vicoria’s Secret does not even seem to have any serious competition when it comes to (although pricy) lingerie. When many consumers are willing to spend the extra buck, instead of heading to Walmart, to get the brand-that is good branding.

  3. Thank you all for the comments! I definitely agree with what you are saying: the Victoria’s Secret label will be the first lingerie brand on everyone’s mind this Valentine’s Day. The company has been the leading manufacturer of lingerie due to the fact that they sell quality products that are definitely worth the price. Their uncanny ability to appeal to so many markets, both men and women alike, makes Victoria’s Secret a healthy competitor not only during this sexy holiday season, but always.

  4. I have to say that I have been sucked into buying Victoria’s Secret products time and time again. I am even a proud owner of the Angel VIP credit card. They have amazing marketing strategies and they really and truly make the consumer believe that if you buy their products you will feel sexy. I always think I am getting such good deals at their semi-annual sales when in reality I could get the same product at Target or Walmart for much cheaper, but like many other consumers I am buying it for the brand. Though I think they do a good job year round with their ads, I can imagine that Valentine’s Day is where they really make their money. After all, every woman wants to look and feel gorgeous.

  5. Any time there is a holiday around the corner, companies will try their best to push any product on anyone that they possibly can. You all did a great job pinpointing a company that does it quite well. Victoria’s Secret really does a good job of appealing to the male and female demographic. Obviously, advertisements are a “head-turner” for the males. More importantly, women see these other women, and desire to look like them, just as you noted. If shoppers are willing to spend a little more, they will definitely shop somewhere such as Victoria’s Secret, especially around Valentine’s Day. Good job with this blog post!

  6. It’s no secret that VS knows how to work the marketing runway on Valentine’s Day. This is the one day of they year where they can truly advertise the very essence of their brand. The commercial reaches both a male and female audience which broadens the possible amount of consumers. In addition to commercials and ads, Victoria’s Secret has be sending e-mails offering a chance to send an e-Valentine to significant others. Here they are not only reaching the “TV watchers” but the social network as well. These give the sender an opportunity to send an e-mail that encompasses sexy pictures and expressions. I also agree with the statement above in that Victoria’s secret has appealed to a plethora of markets, making them highly competitive and very effective!

  7. In my opinion, the Victoria’s Secret ad campaign around Valentine’s Day is one of most well-known marketing plans for the holiday, as it should be because of the brand’s story. Victoria’s Secret already has an advantage with its brand colors of pink and red, hearts on its products all year round, products that go hand in hand with intimacy, and the angel theme that connects greatly with the beloved cupid and flying mystical creatures. I’m glad VS plays up this holiday because if they didn’t they would be greatly losing a holiday market almost specifically designed for them already. I think it was very smart of the company to advertise its products to men as well, since the holiday has created social standards of couples having to exchange presents on a day that celebrates the intangible concept of love. While marketing their products during this season shouldn’t ever be difficult for VS, I’m glad they’re stepping up their game in advertisement appeals.

  8. It’s really not surprising that Victoria’s Secret has, yet again, come out with an advertisement that appeals to both men and women. After all, their goal is to reach both genders no matter how they go about it. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get both men and women in the store to make purchases. Whether a woman is going to buy herself a gift just to make herself feel sexy or a man is going to buy his significant other sexy lingerie for both him and her to enjoy, Victoria’s Secret has made the perfect ad to connect their products with a holiday that is highly celebrated nation wide.

  9. I automatically think Victoria’s Secret when I think of Valentine’s Day, agreeing with comment above. The creator of these ad’s really know how to perfectly display each model and piece of clothing to make each woman, whether single or in a relationship, purchase something for Valentine’s Day. Although it’s a women’s clothing store, I believe Victoria’s Secret is aimed at men. Each holiday they come out with something different to entice the men to want their women to shop there. Without the men being so attracted to the “sexiness” of the lingerie, women would have no need to shop there. Although their products are expensive, I find myself buying Victoria’s Secret over any other brand of lingerie. I usually am not sucked into the “branded nation” but I am ALL for Victoria’s Secret!

  10. Victoria’s Secret must wait anxiously year round for Valentines Day to roll around, for it is the perfect holiday to sell their brand. Their mission to reach out to women and help them feel sexy and desirable, what other day of the year then Valentine’s Day would these women want to feel their sexiest? Already having the upper hand of their bright reds and pink lingerie, Victoria’s Secret can easily incorporate the idea of hearts and love into their advertisement. They are wise to reach out to the male population as well during this holiday. Their advertisement reaches both sexes and does a great job of convincing that the gift of Victoria’s Secret lingerie will satisfy both the woman wearing it and the man she may be wearing it for. Job well done for Victoria’s Secret for this year Valentine’s Day.

  11. Victoria’s Secret has one of the best ad campaigns in business. Somehow, this company took a holiday that has been “hallmarked” for sweet romance, and figured out how to turn it into something sexy in order to sell their products. This company also figured out how to market to two completely different demographics: women and men. I am impressed with their marketing approach because although they are a women’s clothing store, men drop a lot of money there buying things for the women in their life. Victoria’s Secret also made themselves very pervasive: they have huge promotions during Valentine’s season and their advertisements can be seen in basically any media source. What also makes them successful is their pitch: if you buy our underwear, YOU will be desirable to YOUR man. It is targeted to individual, average women trying to be above-average sexy on the holiday.

  12. I agree with everyone’s comments that Victoria’s Secret has done excellent marketing over the years. When one thinks of lingerie, VS automatically comes to mind. The company has brilliantly marketed to both men and women, and this comes in handy around Valentine’s Day. I personally think the holiday is completely absurd. Why do women need lingerie gifts on this one random day in February? But, VS has marketed their products so that both men and women are convinced they need underwear from VS. There’s no question how VS markets to men… the people that show off their “clothes” are actual models.. beautiful, tall, skinny models that have become a brand in themselves. VS has also marketed to women by allowing them to think they too can look just like a VS angel. And I’m guessing they think by wearing VS lingerie that their significant other will think they look like an angel too? Maybe, maybe not. Victoria’s Secret definitely will do major business over this holiday, thanks in part to their advertisements and the brand/story they have created.

  13. I think that it is great that Victoria Secret is using advertising to reach both men and women this Valentine’s day. I am an avid Victoria Secret shopper although they can be bit pricey at times the quality of the merchandise is unmatched. Usually when you see a man shopping alone in Victoria Secret they have a deer in the headlights sort of look. So again I think it is great that they are using their marketing to reach males as well as females it may help the male shoppers not look so intimidated while shopping for their significant other.

  14. Being in a couple means there are certain times of the year that giving gifts is unavoidable. I myself am in a relationship and am not saying that I do not enjoy Valentine’s day, however I believe in showing my feelings throughout the year in creative and spontaneous ways rather than the forced gift giving days. Companies such as Victoria’s Secret only add to the hype of holiday’s such as this with their ads promoting perfection, playfulness, and sexiness all wrapped in one. Their advertisements are very effective however at appealing to both men and women specifically this year by showing men they can get their girlfriend something sexy and showing women they should get something sexy to wear for their man.

  15. Victoria Secret is one of the elites when it comes to marketing towards feeling beautiful and sexy. It does a clever job in appealing to the male demographic- especially during Valentines day. When you think of lingerie, the first thing that pops in your mind is Victoria Secret. Moreover, I think it’s safe to say they have accomplished their branding mission and customer loyalty.

  16. Victoria’s secret does an outstanding job at promoting brand awareness. Sex appeal is often what increases notoriety but cab do so in a positive or negative way. In Victoria’s secret case, they do it in the most classiest way. Most other brands could never get away with promoting themselves by having women dance around half naked but since this is the whole brand image developed by VS, it does nothing but inspire women and men to invest in the product.

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