SOPA/PIPA : The end of blogs

The Internet as we know it today is vast and full of amazing features that allow us to communicate in ways that its original inventors would have never dreamed of.  What began as a way for the US government and military to communicate with each other has turned into a platform in which millions of Americans recently protested against the ominous SOPA and PIPA bills.  Today’s generation of young people have finally spoken up and we’ve seen small but significant changes as a result of our awe-inspiring protests.  Since SOPA and PIPA were shelved after an overwhelming opposition from the public we’ve lost sites that were the largest culprits of Internet piracy, such as Megaupload. This is only the beginning of what will likely be a long fight for ethical Internet laws that stop piracy and abuse without censoring creativity.

The truth is, this blog and the billions of other blogs and content on the Internet would not exist with these bills in place.  Musicians, artists, designers, and various creative types rely on blogs to showcase their content to people they could never reach before.

Simply featuring a product in a blog post can bring loads of traffic to brand’s site, for free! Getting featured on a popular blog is great for small businesses with tiny advertising budgets.  In fact, numerous bloggers get paid to feature and review products.  Blogs have turned in to a great source for marketing and advertising.  If a blogger whose opinions you respect recommends a product, you are more likely to believe her than the advertisement to the left of the page. Blogs are not new, but the concept of using blogs to bring brand awareness and reach new customers is new to Integrated Marketing Communication, as is the practice of IMC itself.

Lets hope we find an ethical solution that will keep blogs, social media, and the creative exchange of ideas still alive.

-Molly Jacques