Every Ending Is A New Beginning

Last week, in the prerequisite class for the IMC-Hawks, Integrated Marketing Communication I, students were assigned a project in which they had 48 hours to complete. The assignment was to create a multimedia campaign to promote UNCW. One group of students in the class proposed an idea to ask students and faculty “one question” in an attempt to capture their experience at UNCW in just a few words.

As this class, and many of our college careers come to a close, we decided to expand on this evoking concept and provide our own final few thoughts before we all sign off for the last time.

Looking back at my college career, I was offered a lot of advice but the one that held true no matter what the circumstance was to value your time here. These past four years have been frustrating, exhilarating, gleeful, melancholy, and turbulent but they have helped me grow and achieve things that I never thought possible. Treasure opportunities and learn from your mistakes; it’ll only make you a stronger, most resilient person in the end. – Jessica Kingman

UNCW provided me an opportunity to see the world. Studying abroad with UNCW to Valencia, Spain opened my eyes to various ideals, ethics and values other cultures engage in which I now incorporate into my life. – Michela Noreski

With one semester left in my college career, I’ve realized that you really shouldn’t hold back.  Do what makes you happy and don’t be scared to try new things; it’s all about the experience! – Liz LaPuasa

Everyone says that college changes their life forever – UNCW has definitely changed mine. As I am about to graduate, I realize how much I am not ready to leave this place. The best advice I can give to future Seahawks is a lesson learned from the one and only Tom Petty: “You have four years to be irresponsible here. Relax. Work is for people with jobs. You’ll never remember class time, but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. So, stay out late. Go out on a Tuesday with your friends when you have a paper due Wednesday. Spend money you don’t have. Drink ’til sunrise. The work never ends, but college does…” – Jordan Hill

What does UNCW mean to me? It means opportunity. The opportunity to start fresh, the opportunity to expand my knowledge, the opportunity to be a part of a tight-knit community, the opportunity to meet new people, and most importantly, UNCW has been the opportunity for me to grow as a person. I could not have chosen a more perfect school to spend my college years. I’ll be graduating next December—and when I do, I guarantee you it’ll be with no regrets. – Stephanie Bakolia


The UNCW COM Studies Dept. has afforded me the opportunity to become an employee at one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the world. – David Glaubach

My advice for the next IMC Hawks is: “Keep up with your work on a daily basis and be in full communication with your group members. If you all learn how to use your strengths, every assignment will become easier.” – Sally Shupe

As a senior who is graduating a year early, I cannot believe how much I have learned from UNCW and particularly from my amazing professors in the COM department in such a short amount of time. If I take away anything from this experience, it is that you must find a way to feel passionately about the work you do, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time because every assignment will help you develop further as a student and an educated citizen. – Claire Dillard

My advice for the next IMC class is to READ the books assigned! Not only are they very interesting and teach so much about integrated marketing, but they are a great to source for future interviews! Everyone in the business knows Shirky! – Ashley Nelson

There are so many things I could say but I am sure my classmates have covered most of them. My advice to you is simple…don’t forget why it is you are here and how important what you are learning is because we are the future. – Alaethea Hensley

My advice to the incoming IMC-Hawks is to remember the importance of every lesson you are encountering through this course, and every course you take at UNCW. Don’t just do it for the grade, see the importance in each problem, each assignment and each project. You will get out of the course what you put into it!-Lauren Phelps

UNCW to me is a place where I am able to fully reach my potential and grow as an individual, both creatively and intellectually. As a transfer student, I couldn’t be any happier with my decision. I think it is safe to say that the Communication Studies Department has given me tools to succeed in the working world. – Claire Outlaw

Thank you to my IMC 2 class for asking me to join them on their last post of the semester. Although this sounds like graduation advice, it’s more like life advice. I try and follow it as much as I can. — Henry James, the American-born writer (he wrote The Turn of the Screw and The Portrait of a Lady, among others, which you may remember from a literature course you might have taken at UNCW), wrote an article called “The Art of Fiction” that was published originally in 1884.  In this piece, James responds to a pamphlet about writing fiction from another writer, with whom James seems to disagree. I’m not a literary critic so I’m going to leave it at that. Anyway, one of the pieces of advice James gives to new writers of fiction has always resonated with me as a student, a scholar, a teacher, and a citizen: “Try to be one of the people on whom nothing is lost!” I offer to you, my IMC-Hawks, that being this kind of person – the kind on whom nothing is lost – is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you as you complete your B.A. in Communication Studies. To me, James is saying more than “pay attention;” he’s reminding us that a lot goes on that we ignore, either willfully or unintentionally, when we should be at our most conscious. I see it in my classes, when students are caught up in everything other than what we’re discussing that day; I see it in my son, who can get lost in a game of Angry Birds (my parenting award is on its way!); and I see it in my own behavior, when I have two monitors and an iPad and a cell phone and all are tuned to something different. To be the kind of person on whom nothing is lost, we sometimes have to stop paying attention to those distractions and focus on what’s in front of us. Conveniently, an education in communication studies teaches us to be the kind of person on whom nothing is lost. Rhetorical theory teaches us how to interpret oral and written communication. Paying attention to interpersonal communication helps you in your most intimate relationships. I try to demonstrate how understanding of IMC doesn’t just make you a better practitioner, it makes you a more conscious consumer and a more engaged citizen.  Being the kind of person on whom nothing is lost rejects the passive and embraces the active. Take an active role in your education, your occupation, your family life, your civic life. Don’t just sit back and let it happen to you. Good luck and I’ll miss you all!   – Dr. Persuit

We hope you have enjoyed our edition of the IMC-Hawks blog this past semester. Although this is our final blog post as a group, be sure to check-in in January for a new generation of IMC-Hawks! Until then — Stay classy, Seahawk Nation.

IMC-Hawks:  Oliver Evans, Jared Sales, Michela Noreski, Lauren Phelps, Jordan Hill, Alaethea Hensley, David Glaubach, Liz LaPuasa, Stephanie Bakolia, Sally Shupe, Claire Dillard, Ashley Nelson, Claire Outlaw, Jessica Kingman

15 thoughts on “Every Ending Is A New Beginning

  1. Dr Persuit’s advice, “Try to be one of the people on whom nothing is lost!” caught my attention and made me reflect how much attention I gave to certain things instead of to people or things that I was supposed to give my attention to. For instance, when I have a lot of things to cross in my to-do-list, I am always busy with mind and pay less attention to people who come to me for some chat, which of course give a feeling that I am not interested in what he or says. Even though I have never come across any problem regarding that situation, I feel that I should give people I am talking to my full attention at that moment, and get back to be busy with my own mind afterwards. As Dr, Persuit says, it’s an interpersonal means to build an intimate relationship with people.

  2. My thought on the “Every Ending Is A New Beginning” is that it really made me think what UNCW has meant to me. With graduation this up coming weekend this video illustrated to me how lucky I am to attend such a great school. These last few years have been hard, stressful, and tiring but they’ve also been educational, challenging and rewarding. UNCW has helped me find my self as I am about to take on the real world. Its given me countless opportunities to better my self and the world around me. As the December 17th is getting closer and closer I find my self thinking I wish I had another semester. I have enjoyed UNCW and will take everything that I have learned and apply to the world that I live in. I have built some great relationships with instructors and peers. This University has given a once in a lifetime chance to help direct my life and change the lives around me.

  3. The way you brought everyone’s personal mission statements together really brought the emotional aspect of the post forth. I indentify with Jared’s philosphy on “under-promising” and “over-delivering” well. It is much better to be a person who doesn’t say much but who people listen to than a personal who’s words are meaningless. I also enjoyed how some opinions, mainly Jordan’s, were not professionally relevant. Not everything in life is school or career related so an individual’s outlook on life should not be either. The video was made in response to a brief assignment in my IMC I class and was a well-decided overachievment. Most groups briefly spoke about UNCW for two to three minutes. Some had Powerpoint presentations and some did not, which was acceptable according to the assignment instructions. This video went above and beyond the project criteria and got a good amount of well-deserved attention for doing so.

  4. This video really created a sense of emotion for me, especially rolling into my final semester here at UNCW. This video makes me think about what UNCW has meant for me. I can truly say that UNCW is my home. During my freshman year of college my parents moved out of the state, making it difficult to commute back home as often as I did when they lived in Raleigh. Staying here without any family other than my friends has had an impact on me, in a positive way. I’ve been able to develop this sense and feeling of “home” based off of UNCW and Wilmington. I am proud to say that UNCW really has made the biggest impact in my life thus far.

  5. I’m so glad that this video has become viral and made people really question what UNCW is to them. While watching this video in IMC, it really evoked many emotions from me- nostalgia, happiness, and nervousness about the next chapter in my life. As a senior graduating in May, I really did ask myself what UNCW meant to me after seeing this video. It is my home, my security, and the perfect jumping point for the next journey I embark on. Good luck on your future endeavors IMC TWObees!

  6. I enjoyed this entire post, especially the section about UNCW presenting opportunities. UNCW means something different to every student, whether they know it or not. For me, UNCW has opened up numerous opportunities for me that may not have been available had I attended another university. It has shaped who I am as a person, and has shaped the way in which I view the world. Although most of my personal beliefs have stayed consistent, UNCW has shown me a very wide variety of opinions and views that I otherwise would never encounter.

  7. I realize there is a lot to figure out in regards to how to handle this video going viral, but I absolutely love that it has gained so much attention. I remember sitting in class watching it, and being completely blown away. It was an amazing effort by my fellow classmates, and it gave me a greater appreciation for the creativity on our campus, and especially in the COMM Department. I am very excited to be able to take IMC II next semester, and I hope to learn so much more about IMC and branding on our campus.

  8. As one of the group members who put together the video, it’s has been an honor to see it grow and spread through the UNCW community the way it has. I can’t speak for everyone in the group, but as we were recruiting students to speak for our video, listening to them share their responses brought me back to the excitement I first felt when I received my acceptance letter to UNCW, came for orientation, and moved in for my first year as a UNCW undergrad. I was absolutely thrilled to be attending this school and exploring all the new opportunities that it had to offer. I am a true believer in the phrase “You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone”. I felt that way when I graduated from high school, and I am positive that I will feel that way when I leave UNCW. However, I believe that every end IS a new beginning, and I am excited to see what life has to offer. I am glad that we were able to capture the atmosphere of UNCW in this video, and I hope that it will continue to bring back the excitement and emotion that all of you have experienced here at UNCW, your home away from home.

  9. Not only was this video a great way to share to the world what a wonderful impact going to a school like UNCW has on it’s students, but also reminds me why I am here. With all the stress and confusion that comes and goes during the four years a college I sometimes forget the important things. UNCW has created such a wonderful community and I brag every chance I get when people ask where I go to school. If UNCW can develope a brand that can make people feel so much by just watching a 3 minute video, than they are something spectacular.

  10. That video is so good considering the class made it within 48 hrs. Regardless though, it is a great video that really captures the emotions of the people that study here at UNCW. UNCW is such a great place, and I’m sure that when I am about to graduate I will also be feeling the same way. I love that Tom Petty quote. Couldn’t agree more. We should all appreciate our college years, they are the best.

  11. This post made me reflect on my decision to attend undergrad here at UNCW. What was it that made me decide on this University over all the others? It made me realize who I thought I was as an incoming freshmen and who I am now as a junior at this Univeristy. I have changed, grown up, and matured all because of UNCW and my experiance here. The video the group made for the IMC project brings chills to me everytime I watch it. It makes you realize how wonderful UNCW is and the community in which it has created. I feel like I am a part of something special that has shaped me into the person I will be for the rest of my life.

  12. I really liked this video and all the quotes under it. I feel like the video adequately portrays UNCW’s atmosphere in a diverse way and it brings us back to ask ourselves “what is UNCW to me?”. We all have our reasons for coming to UNCW but I think we all STAY for the same reason. UNCW is an amazing school full of promising opportunities and I personally couldn’t see myself anywhere else. The video has an inspiring and positive mood to it that makes me feel proud to come to UNCW. Overall, I think the message of the video is very positive and on point.

  13. This is superrrr bittersweet and dr. persuit’s post especially was extremely well-written. The part where she breaks down what skills are acquired through specific classes really clicked with me. people hear that you are a com major and think that you are doing 2 years of public speaking or preparing to become a newscaster. the fact is that Communication Studies teaches you skills that transcend job fields. You learn to think critically, develop an argument, and defend that argument. You learn to interpret messages on a deeper level and that will benefit you in future studies, careers, or with your personal life and relationships. I am thankful and blessed for everything i have learned as a com major and can’t wait to apply it to my future endeavors

  14. I had an overwhelming sense of pride for my professor, my classmates, my department and my university from watching this video. I was astonished as to how quickly the video spread and reached out to people. There was raw emotion from several people that I showed the video to, both current students, graduated students and future students. I am extremely happy to have decided to come here having no prior knowledge of the university. I was never able to sit down and thing of exactly how the university atmosphere, faculty and lifestyle in general made me feel and this video hit the nail on the head. I’m so proud to be apart of a fantastic department that produces great minds such as those who created this video1

  15. After reading how UNCW has affected those in this blog, I’d also like to share my experience too. UNCW was a new beginning for me when I first came to Wilmington 2 and 1/2 years ago as a freshman. I did not know then that it would test me to soar or stay on the ground the way it did. I was one of the ones at first that wanted to go back “home”. UNCW has taught me that when it gets hard all you have to do is keep going. It has evolved to my second home, a place I feel secure and blissfully aware of how blessed I am to be a part of the relationships and knowledge that are created everyday. It’s a great feeling to be a part of something you know is BIG.

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