It’s Who You Know!

The thought of graduating from college is awesome.  The stress of finding a job is not awesome.  I’m fairly certain most college graduates are looking forward to a career that pertains to their major.  I’m happy to report that there are plenty of jobs available for communication studies majors, I probably applied for all of them!  I applied for everything from a junior copywriter at JWT to an assistant account executive at Edelman.  I applied at for-profits, non-profits, large companies and small companies.  Weeks started to pass, then months with no responses.  I started to get very impatient and a bit scared because my current job does not utilize the skills that I’ve acquired at UNCW, and I am very anxious to move on from there.  My resume is above average and I have a very strong cover letter approved by Jen Chin so I didn’t understand what the hold up was.  I wasn’t taking into consideration that all those companies are probably flooded with resumes, and it could take months for anyone to read mine.  Finding job postings was the easiest thing in the world, so I thought everything else would just fall into place, wrong. 

Then something miraculous happened.  A friend of a friend was able to hand deliver my resume to her HR department at a very reputable publication company where I never thought I would have the chance to work.  I was contacted two days later and interviewed.  My discipline capstone training payed off because I nailed the interview.  I was unofficially hired on the spot, and then today I got my official offer letter.  I feel like the luckiest person alive after all the upset I endured when none of the other thousand applications worked out. 


The moral of the story is: One of the most import aspects of job hunting is networking!  You have been told by most of your professors that knowing people and meeting people who do what you want to do can greatly improve your chances of finding employment.  Take your informational interview seriously.  If you never had Tammy Bulger’s interpersonal communication class, I’ll tell you what she told us.  Use Linkedin, clean up your Facebook, meet as many people as you can and leave a great, lasting first impression.  Be proactive, take IMC and utilize that contact list!

David Glaubach