The Power is Still Yours

That’s right folks, he’s still around.

Captain Planet, that is, and he’s got an organization too! The Captain Planet Foundation (CPF) was founded in 1991 to allow kids grades K-12 to raise environmental awareness in their communities and schools. By funding and supporting hands-on environmental educational projects for kids and teens, CPF strives to educate the future generations about the natural world we live in so they will have an understanding and appreciation for it. I’m sure we have a lot to thank Captain Planet for…

In case you’re not a child of the 90’s and maybe unaware of who this Captain Planet is, here’s a little background info:

He is summoned when the rings of 5 planeteers unite.  He is called to help when the planeteers cannot handle the environmental crisis at hand. His superpowers include morphing into the properties of any element, flying, and telepathy. His powers do not work if he is not on Earth. Most importantly, his “kryptonite” is any sort of pollutant or radiation that causes harm to the environment. Like every other superhero, he is known for one statement in particular. Whenever he departs, he claims, “The power is yours.” This implies that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the environment clean and healthy. That is some pretty good rhetoric for a children’s hero. Although there has not been much talk about Captain Planet lately, there has been plenty of talking about the environment and “going green.” This is a perfect excuse to pay tribute once again to a superhero that informs the youth of such an important issue.

 And what do you know; a week from today CPF is hosting their annual CPF Benefit Gala at the Georgia Aquarium! This star-studded eco-benefit will feature musical guest Alison Krauss, and dinner cooked by all-star chef Wolfgang Puck. All proceeds will go directly to the organization to help them create opportunities to make our youth more eco-conscious.

So, when you’re thinking about little things you might be able to do to help out the environment, think about Captain Planet and remember, “The power is yours!”